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December 2, 2016

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Animation Business as Unusual travels

December 1, 2016

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Thumbnails from the upcoming Rocko Special

Thumbnails from the upcoming Rocko Special

Rocko Special Moves On

I can share these thumbnails from the Rocko Special board since we cut the scenes out later on. The project is under strict control after all. This was a scene where Spunky becomes radioactive after drinking a power drink. Poor Spunky.

What I can share is that the details are getting closely watched. We are painting the backgrounds traditionally rather than digitally. There is actually pencils and paper getting used ( which is a rarity these days). I’m enjoying working for Nickelodeon where I didn’t think I would, and my crew is full of superstars and future superstars.

Flying to Washington DC in a couple weeks to finish up details for the Luna Production. Want to get in there before Trump comes in and paints the White House gold.

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Animation Serious Thoughts travels WARNING! Political Views!

November 26, 2016

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Rocko Crew hard at work.

Rocko Crew hard at work.

A Different World

I’m feeling like this is a different world since the election. Still in shock and grief. The Rocko special is about “Change” and this crew is definitely feeling it and dealing with it.

The special is wrapped in secrecy, so I can’t give many details about it online. Only that we have recorded the dialog, and are deep into design, backgrounds and animatic. I’m liking it a lot, and my co-director Cosmo Segurson is doing an amazing job. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the Rocko office, but also going back to my studio finalizing details on the upcoming Luna production. Flying off to Washington DC in a couple weeks to short up plans with PBS. Then off to Korea in January for Rocko.

Feeling that my PBS show is needed now more than ever, dealing with the fact that we are all one world, many people, different but the same. That we all need to support each other and not “make walls”. Looking forward to start on it.

Moving forward.

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Serious Thoughts WARNING! Political Views!

November 4, 2016

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Couldn’t resist doing a cartoon.


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Life in Art Serious Thoughts

August 30, 2016

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Animation Business as Unusual

August 12, 2016

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Rocko Crew 2016

Rocko Crew 2016

Rocko’s Modern Life Special- Yes It’s Real

This seems like a formality since it’s all over the internet, but I am free to say finally that we are doing a Rocko’s Modern Life made for TV Movie, air date unknown. I was approached by Chris Viscardi of Nickelodeon back in the early part of the year to see if there was interest, and I hemmed and hawed about it for awhile. Called Doug Lawrence and some of the other guys from the show,, should we even do this? The original episodes were so great, why mess with it.  Martin Olson and I started laughing about some of the things we could do with the “new” Modern Life,, it became more appealing. After a meeting with Nick Execs that they promised not to water it down,( which they have not) I agreed to move forward. I got Martin Olson and Doug Lawrence to help write the outline, but my attempts at ‘putting the old band together” for the storyboards were mostly met with “I’m too busy” or ” I’m under contract, sorry”. So I got Cosmo Segurson ( who was one of my directors on Lazlo) to co-direct, and brought in Tom Smith ( former student of mine and Storyboard guy at Stoopid Buddy studios) and an animator from South Park Dan Becker. Both are HUGE Rocko fans which was very valuable when doing the board.

This interview I did a couple of weeks ago and released yesterday sheds some more light on the project:

Basically, Rocko Filburt and Heffer have to deal with Modern Life in 2016,17, 18 and there are lots of twists and turns. I’m very happy with it. We are done with the storyboard ( which was split up with the 4 of us, myself included) and are now moving into production.

I will keep this blog posted with developments and interesting quirks from the progression of production.

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Animation Business as Unusual Life in Art

August 8, 2016

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So, back in 1992, Nickelodeon put my show Rocko’s Modern Life into development, and my studio in Saratoga, CA produced the pilot all in house. Times were innocent, Rocko was yellow, all was good. We had the cels ( yes we used cels then) inked and painted in Montana, ( no foreign studios used in the making of the pilot) they were shipped back to my studio to be shot by our inhouse Mitchell 35 mm camera and camera stand, film taken to SF for processing, then the completed pilot sent to Nickelodeon.

Then all hell broke loose.

The show was picked up, then my wife died. I was originally going to produce the show from my studio in Saratoga ( next to San Jose) but after my wife died, I decided maybe I should move to LA to get away and do the show there. I convinced about half of my staff to move to LA with me to do the show. Within two months of official pick up, the studio in Saratoga was closed and moved to Studio City in LA to meld with “Games Animation”. For some reason I brought all of the cels with me to LA and brought them into the studio in case we needed to use them for reference on the show. The next year was a blur to me, of simultaneously trying to produce a TV series where I had never done it, and grieving over the loss of my wife. Somehow the cels got absorbed into the Nickelodeon machine and I never saw them again.

Until last week.

Somebody posted on my facebook page an original cel from the pilot for sale at the Cricket Gallery. I had no idea that those cels had made it into circulation for sale through Nickelodeon. I clicked on the Link only to find that someone else had already bought it.

I went into work that day, and Tom Smith, who is working on a project with me laughed and said he was the one who bought it. And after seeing my post on facebook that I wanted it, he offered it me.

So now I have it back. A piece from the original pilot, which I’m very happy to touch again. It has the wrong background ( it should be the roof of Rocko’s house) but I’m happy to have the cel again.


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Business as Unusual Life in Art

May 19, 2016

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Animation Life in Art

May 12, 2016

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Dad and Elan

Two Amazing Bits of News

First, we had an amazing home birth of Elan Gael Stefan Murray over the weekend. Very healthy new baby boy!

Then yesterday, I got the official greenlight for 40 episodes of my new PBS Show “Luna Around the World”.

Amazing week.

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Animation Business as Unusual Life is so Daily

March 18,2016

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A Little Freaked Out

Well, my PBS pilot was completed and sent in to the wonderful process of focus group testing. It’s one of my favorite pilots I’ve done, but will it connect? Don’t know. We will see. My 3 year old son loves watching the pilot. We use it for bribes. It’s a different age group for me. One of the things I was aiming for ( which I aim for with all of my shows) is that parents will enjoy sitting down with their kids to watch it. It’s a tough one, but many shows do it. But sometimes you straddle the line. Especially with a show that skews younger. Will it get picked up? Always a wait and see. Been through it before.

So feeling angst about that.

My wife and I are also expecting a new baby in May. Another boy. My fourth child. 2 girls, 2 boys. While my oldest daughter goes off to Parsons Art College in New York this fall. ANGST!

Just got done with a semi-big consulting job for a French Animation Studio. Some angst. Not so much angst.

Another project which is TOP SECRET ( although some have already figured it out) is about done with negotiations and is ready to begin. Will it be finished before ( if) we begin the highly ambitious PBS schedule with a stripped show aimed at November 2017 premiere?


Donald Trump?


Quality problems with amazingly good things happening but causing me angst.

Except for the Donald Trump thing. That’s just a plain mind f**K. Just plain confused about some of the people who live in the United States. But that never changes.

But lets not hijack the great things that are happening in my life right now.

Need to get some sleep. I’ll need it.

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