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October 20, 2014

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Say what you will about doing art exclusively for the money, but nothing of worth comes from me unless I remain true to a personal vision with as much persistence and diligence as a pitbull’s jaws locked on a mailman’s leg. I have trouble doing entertainment for the sake of entertaining. When a piece doesn’t say anything. Has nothing relatable. Is not part of me.

This gives me many headaches. And schizophrenic episodes . At times I wish I could be that. It would make my life easier. (And my wife’s). But I have to make peace with it.

I’m an independent animation film maker and artist. I’m more alternative than mainstream. There are many new young people who can pump out the stuff better than I can.

Just some thoughts in a time of inner constipation.

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Business as Unusual Life in Art

October 18, 2014

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Leanin’ Tree Greetings has licensed my art and writing for a line of greeting cards that is scheduled for a June 2015 release to retail.

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Serious Thoughts WARNING! Political Views!

October 13, 2014

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Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

I wrote about this on my Facebook page on friday, and got quite a response. But I want to start a movement ( already started in South Dakota and Seattle Washington) to replace Columbus Day ( A eurocentric archaic holiday honoring someone who enslaved and tortured the native people he found when he landed) with one honoring the first people of North America.

The native people that Columbus found when he landed were so peaceful they didn’t even own a weapon, much less no how to use one. They were quickly enslaved and tortured to mine gold for the Spaniards, and those not killed, died quickly of disease, wiping out the whole island of it’s indigenous people. This of course was the beginning of the ethnic cleansing that occurred in North America by the onslaught of Europeans into the continent. Yes, many were responsible for this sad chapter of  American History, but Columbus is zeroed in on because there is an American holiday devoted to him where many enjoy a day off. Yes, there were many violent Native Americans, but I would be too if my homeland and culture were being destroyed before our eyes. I think many of us would. And there is even debate whether Columbus was the first European to land on North American soil. Many say the Vikings came first. But who cares. There were already people here.

Let’s instead honor those people who gave us the first culture of these lands, and whose ancestors perished in the name of “American Expansion”. I think that’s a better use of a holiday.

Don’t just take my word for it. Read more about it HERE.

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Business as Unusual Serious Thoughts

October 11, 2014

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Art and the Family Balance

As artists, we’ve all been there. Choices on behalf of our art, or to feed the family. Lucky if they both serve the same master. A challenge if they don’t.

Are we selling out if we need to feed the family? ( who was it who said, “You can’t sell out if no one is buying in”) I feel at times I’m going after fruit that I’m quite allergic to, but the universe is looking out for me. Or is it a case of the “Fox and the Grapes”. I’ve got a deep inner drive of what is right for me, but I also look the needs of my family, and think that they should’nt suffer because of my obsessive artist struggles. But maybe they want me to be happy. Hmmm , I don’t know.

I had two projects that were in play. One that brought the most money, but didn’t sit well with my soul ( and therefore maybe I didn’t put my all into it) got axed. I think my ego was bruised more than anything. Another project which is more in alignment with my values but won’t bring in the same money is still in play. I think I was gunning for it all along.

We have a saying in a group I belong to where we are thankful for what we are given, what is taken away and what we are left with.

Yes, indeed.


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Life is so Daily

August 10, 2014

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They are building a new house just a little ways down the street. The smell of the dirt reminds me of growing up in the orchards of San Jose. They started building houses around us, and my dad would send me down to the building sites to collect nails that had fallen to the ground.

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Business as Unusual Filmmaker Spotlight

October 5, 2014

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For No Good Reason

Yes, I was into Hunter S. Thompson, and the twisted drawings of Ralph Steadman. I wanted to be both. Possibly writing like Thompson and illustrating my own articles with the genius of Steadman. Unfortunately, neither did, or could come to pass.

I recently watched a great documentary on Ralph Steadman called “For No Good Reason”. Fantastic and full of stories of his warped time with HST. If you can stand Johnny Depp hovering over his shoulder chain smoking, you can actually watch the master Steadman producing his iconic splattered masterpieces before your eyes. There’s a bit of animation in it as well.

I know you are saying, “Joe, stop watching documentaries and finish your damn film”. Well every now and then I need some inspiration, and a break. But it’s showing it’s fleshy side and becoming quite crisp. I LIKE IT.


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Fish Head Progress Life in Art

August 30, 2014

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Yes, but. . .

In a delirium. Water heater takes a shit. ( Do teenage girls think it’s the end of the world without showers? Try it and see). Run to my studio to animate some more.  Fish a toy out of the toilet or clean up two steps behind my one and half year old son. A friend has a heart attack ( he’s going to be okay,) and part of my wife’s school where she teaches burns down.

Run to the studio with a fan trying to alleviate 100 degree heat. No, my computers do not like it. “You are killing us. We will take a crap on you” they moan. Animate a pivotal scene listening to some Neil Young and Peter Gabriel.

“More Fruit” my son demands. Read my son’s favorite book for the 100th time. It’s all good.

Animate some more. The computers don’t take a crap. They show love.

More later . . .

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Life is so Daily Serious Thoughts

August 18, 2014

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thanksToday is an Important Day

Today is an important day.

Not because anything monumental happened today. I’m not celebrating anything out of the ordinary. In fact it’s the ordinary that I am celebrating today. The things we sometimes take for granted. I and my family have good health. We have a comfortable place to live. My bills are paid. I make a living off of my art. It’s my 10,084th day of clean and sober living. I have a wonderful marriage and amazing children.

I did some art today, and sat and read books with my one and half year old. Hugged my daughters when they came home from school.  Projects have good possibilities.

It’s a good day. An important day. An important moment.

What will tomorrow bring? Probably another important day. Many important moments.

I’m grateful for that.


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Animation Fish Head Progress Life is so Daily

July 11, 2014

Posted on by Joe Murray
" Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Ice Cream!"

” Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Ice Cream!”

Racing to the End? Or Enjoying the Process?

Sometimes I think that my independent film work is the yin to the yang of television work. It’s polar opposite. Television work races to the finish. It’s all about the volume. It has it’s own fun in working as a team to put out the best possible with the canvas you are presented to work with.

But I often feel that my independent work is too much “in the moment”. I enjoy it so much that I have little interest in finishing it. That’s not good, since sharing it is part of the art of animation. The audience experiencing it ( whether good or bad) is part of the art. Of course if you love something, you will make the time to work on it as much as possible ( unless it’s time to earn some money for food), so eventually it will be finished. But someone asked me last week ” Why don’t you hire or ask some people to help?” I replied “What’s the fun in that?”  But I most likely will when I am closer to the finish of it. I’m a good ways through “Fish Head”, and it brings me tremendous joy working on it. I am definitely in the zone, or the “flow” when I’m working on it.

Very grateful for it. And I still feel it’s something and tangible even though it is still not completed. I’m also grateful for the work I receive that is for commercial purpose, for I am able to do what I love ( create characters and stories) while supporting my family. Without that work, it would be difficult to keep up the independent work. That coupled with the fact I love being a husband and a father makes for a pretty full life.

But then again, I might feel different tomorrow and find something small to be pissed about.

Hope not.

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Life in Art Life is so Daily Serious Thoughts

June 7, 2014

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Nobody Knows….

Nobody knows the private hell I’m going through right now. Some would think me spoiled. Some would call it artistic angst. Some would call it insanity. It is of the artistic nature which leads me often to the dark nights of the soul.

On another frustration, I have sleep apnea . I sleep with a machine attached to my nose. But lately it feels like life support. Keeping me alive until I’m sucked dry. Sounds over dramatic. It tries to give me a decent nights sleep to battle with the mental condition I have during the day.

I volunteered for the artistic life. So here it is as I get older.

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