C a m p   L a z l o

Cartoon Network  61 Episodes

In production 2004 to 2007
Joe Murray Productions & Cartoon Network

Thank you to CARTOON NETWORK for giving a home to this bizarre project.

This idea first germinated as a book, but it wanted to be a show. 61 episodes and 2 Prime Time Emmys later, I felt like I hit a chord and had a good time doing it. Many thanks to my amazing crew that helped me bring these characters to life. Especially my Creative Producer Mark O’Hare, who I couldn’t have done the show without. Also my animation supervisor Brian Sheesley, my fantastic Art Director Sue Mondt, My story editor Merriwhether Williams ( thank you Merri.I learned so much from you) my amazing Line Producer Janet Dimon, and the rest of my staff including but not limited to, Steve Little, Kaz, Cosmo, John Infantino, Mike Roth, J.G. Quintel , Thurop Van Orman, Clay Morrow, Ant, Kent Osborne, Russell Calabrese , Lindsey Pollard, Swinton Scott, Phil Cummings, C Raggio, Tamika, Erik Elizarez, Jeff PerlmutterStephanie Erdel, the Matt Magic of my editor Matt Adams, my composer Andy Paley, my music editor Nick Carr, my sound effects Genius Jeff Hutchins, (who also did Rocko, and still has the Rocko shoe squeak in his library) My mixer Eric Freeman, my production staff Meagen, Julie, Jessica, Laura, my voice director Collette Sunderman and recording engineer Robert Serda, Dialog editor Tony Ostyn. And, of course, the multi-talented voice cast of Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny, Jeff Bennett, Doug Lawrence, Steve Little, Jill Talley and Jodi Benson.

And thank you to all of you who watched. It’s nice to know there are others as warped as I am.

Is there a Camp Lazlo Clip Reel? Along with clips from recent projects? Right here!