Frog in a Suit comic book

Read This Collectible First Edition Comic Book on App, Download or Paper!

Frog in a Suit - Comic BookOk. Maybe it’s not “Spleen Rupturing” hilarity. But more important, the “Frog in a Suit”crew have their first comic book, and  their own App for I-Pads or I-Phone. What is that? You are not plugged in to trendy devices? Order a download. Or better yet, a hard copy of the comic book like the old days, lovingly printed on fine paper. And coming soon, autographed hard copies from the Joe Murray Store.

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Follow Peetes brother Greg, as he tries to “leap frog” his way out of toad central by making a deal with devil himself, Harvey Croak. When Grandpa Moss creates an organic soda in his lab that rivals Croak’s “Crack-A-Cola”, the gloves come  off in an effort to get the Moss family sliding out of Croakville faster than a “Greased turd on a hot day.”

Hand drawn by Joe Murray ( with story by Joe Murray and Mark Haslett) , the stage expands for the characters Joe created for Kaboing TV in the animated shorts. Buy the App for 99¢, ( complete with panel to panel navigation. It’s cool. You should try it.) Buy the download from Joe Murray Studio Store for $1.95, or a hard copy from Kablam Comics for $5.50. Either way, you will get hours of distraction away from any pressing important real life dramas reading this mind bending and warping book.

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Phew, That’s a lot of Hard Sell. But at least it’s all going towards making more films and comic Books!