Rocko’s Modern Life Pilot- 1992

In 1992, my studio in Saratoga California, was commissioned to produce a pilot for a fairly new network ctrash-madness-title-cardalled Nickelodeon. Linda Simensky was my point person, falling in love with my odd view of what a television animated series for kids to look like. I had decided to go agains’t what was already out there, and really push the envelope.

I wrote and storyboarded the story of, basically, a cartoon character putting out the trash. It was his “Modern Life”, and it proved that any day can be a “very dangerous day”. I assembled a group of animators from San Francisco, and merged them with my small crew which I had for my independent films, and we produced an 8 minute pilot complete with a yellow Rocko and a mad dog named Earl. I myself animated about half of it, and we shot a lot of it at the studio with our rickety camera stand and 35mm Mitchell camera.

The pilot went on focus test well, and was green lit in the fall of 1992, we went into production in January 1993, and the series debuted on Nick on Sunday mornings  in the fall of 1993.

Such as it is. The reel above shows what the series ended up being like with a lot of the crew that made the pilot, but also some new talent found in the LA area. We had an amazing crew for both the pilot and the series.