Frog in Suit- Paid for by the People, for the People

The history of Frog in a Suit goes back to my quest to start a new animation web channel called KaboingTV. In an effort to kickstart it, I tried to find funding to produce 3 new original episodes of a series I developed called “Frog in a Suit”. After countless rejections by possible investors, I turned to to see if we could get some group funding to produce the episodes. I asked for $16,000. and received $20,000. That combined with my own substantial investment, and a very fair price from Jantze Studio for a bulk of the animation, and donated voice contributions from Tom Kenny, (Spongebob, Heffer, Lumpus) Carlos Alazraqui (Reno 911, Rocko, Lazlo) and Jill Talley (Nina Neckerly, Second City Chicago) and 3 original episodes debuted, and gave birth to

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