It’s up to all of us, (including media giants,  particularly those who entertain children,) to take on the commitment of reducing your footprint on this planet so that all children, of every culture, of every region on this globe, as well as every species of nature, can have the opportunity to be fully alive, on a fully alive planet.

Earth-ArtWe are at a crossroads. In a free fall, where the ground is rushing up fast. We can affect change, but we need to act now. Giving money is good, but being change in action, no matter how small, coupled with financial help, is the best.

The United States is the largest consumer of resources. We are making enormous profits and doing the most damage. Surly we can re-route those profits to clean up the wreckage, address the climate crisis, and be a proper steward of the earth.

The very cultures that all entertainment derive their story structures from, from myths to petroglyph, consisted of people with a profound respect for nature and the earth. Are    we using the gift of story solely to fuel the massive consumer machine with toys, product tie-ins, DVD packaging, unfair labor practices, etc. that over the long haul, hurts the very audience that we are entertaining ?( hence “A target Audience”) Or are we contributing to the enjoyment of life in a sustainable way? If you have not already, check out “The Story of Stuff” and see where our “stuff” starts, and where it ends up.

I am working towards a goal of producing quality entertainment with the least impact on the earth. I make a small difference as a small company,but if we all bond together it creates a big difference. Vote with your dollars, vote with your actions and make a difference.