February 23, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rough art for Season 3 RML DVD Cover

Rough for Rocko Season 3 DVD

Yes, I know it says ” Season 2″. It was in the batch of roughs for the season 2 cover, and we could’nt decide on this one or the one that we used.  So we decided to use this one for Season  3 ( Shout Factory and I). I’ll take this to paint and digital ink. So many favorite episodes of mine in Season 3. Looking forward to it’s release. We are still discussing possible extras.

I’ve been traveling a bit, and crazed with projects right now. ( As well as my master class, which, can I say has some great talents.) Thank you to Kelly Lake and her team from UCLA for coming out to Glendale to tape their Animator Archive interview. Kelly asked a lot of smart questions. I hope it helps.

Add the weather to the list of crazy items this month. But I’ll take the spring temperatures for now.


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8 Responses to February 23, 2012

  1. D Sills says:

    Season 3 has some great episodes; Zanzibar, Big Question/Answer, Wacky Delly. I’m glad Shout is putting all these out on DVD, I’ll be sure to pick them up as they come out.

  2. Jack Evans says:

    Can’t wait for season three to come out. I’ve already ordered seasons one and two. Maybe there could be a commentary on the fan favourite episode, “Wacky Delly”? That’d be pretty sweet. Hope everything is going well for you, Joe.


  3. Kelly Lake says:

    Excellent cover art for an excellent season. Thanks again for participating, Joe! Talk soon–

  4. Looking forward to this DVD. Alot of great episodes (Wacky Delly is still one of the best TV cartoons ever made)

  5. Cartoonist-in-training says:

    the Second Season (which I got last week and LOVING the special features) is great, However the three season is the season I remember the most, because it was funniest. I can’t wait for it to come out, and keep up the good work. Hope to see your new projects come to a happy ending.

  6. Anthony D. says:

    It’ll be great ythat you’ll work on the Season 3 DVD! ^__^

    Will Wacky Deli be uncut or is Nick still giving Shout! the edited “already on TV right now” masters?

    Also for bonus features, I think maybe there should be some new interviews with you and the cast and crew, a commentary or two, and TV promos. But that’s asking way too much of you. Just thought I throw these out and thanks, Joe! 🙂

  7. Derik Penman says:

    Leave up to Mr. Bighead to spoil a good time.

  8. Derik Penman says:

    Sorry about the typo.

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