December 16, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Murray House at Christmas

There are so many strange things going on right now. It will make a good book some day. Sometimes things that you are going through at the present , will later on look like a turning point, a bad dip, or a great thing depending on how your life turns out. In other words,  crappy stuff turns out for the best, and seemingly great stuff turns into a nightmare. You never know.

All I know is that things have been quite an adventure, and I’m still alive today.

More as this weird roller coaster develops.

I’m trying to get a video post out before Christmas, but who knows. If I don’t, I wish you all the weirdest and happiest of holidays.


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5 Responses to December 16, 2011

  1. Jonathan says:

    your house looks super cozy

  2. ” You learn you can do your best even when it’s hard, even when you’re tired and maybe hurting a little bit. It feels good to show some courage.”

    Joe, you have more courage than most…May you also find some peace over the holidays, surrounded by your beautiful family.

  3. Matt Stevanus says:

    I know that feeling. It seemed like everything that could possibly go wrong in my life went wrong this year. I lost my mother, I maxed out on my student loans so now I have to pay monthly payments to finish school, which caused me to have to temporarily put college on hold for a quarter(not fun at all). For the time I wasn’t with my peers and the instructors I was deeply depressed. Sitting at home in the middle of nowhere is no fun. I missed the critiques, the projects, all of the friends I had at the school and just college in general. I love the artistic feedback, nothing is more valuable to me than the opinion of a fellow artist.

    Luckily for me, I weathered that storm and now have a promising job at a resort, I will be starting back at school in January and working through college the hard, yet beneficial way. I love what I do, nothing is more fulfilling than to create something you feel very special about and I pour a little of myself into every character I create. I am sad that this will be my first Christmas without mom around but I will think of her fondly, as she would want me to be happy. I hope the holidays are as wonderful for you as they are for me. I will continue my path and hopefully one day, I can share my vision with the world. Do take care Joe and keep in touch.

  4. Jesse says:

    Beautiful home, Joe! Merry Christmas!

  5. Andrea says:

    Merry Christmas Joe! Wishing you and your family a great holiday.
    Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.

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