September 16, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Art of Persistence

“If you are going through hell,, keep going”– Winston Churchill

It’s a lot of crap. This life in art as fairy dust, days of blissful solitude, the envy of all.

It sucks. A lot of time.

But it’s also the best. A majority of the time.

And the only thing I feel like I’m meant to do. Some mountain climb. Some jump out of planes.

I choose to be an artist, writer, filmmaker. Foolish mortal.

All of the CRAP mentioned above? I’ve lived it. Felt it. Endured it.

I’ve been crippled by criticism. Sent into drunken stupors by rejection. Led into a den of assholes and lived to tell the tale. Turned in lousy uninspired work due to the buckle of pressure.

But even with all of those obstacles, I have been able to do some good work. Work I am proud of.

Like baseball where you are considered successful if you hit the ball 3 times out of 10, so are a lot of things in life. No one knows the dark days. Only the days in the sun.

Is it all behind me? No.  I did something last week that scared the crap out of me and pushed my comfort zone to the limit. I almost backed out at the last minute.

If you go through this, know you are not alone. We should have a 12 step program.

“I’m Joe and I’m a creative”.  “Hi, Joe”.

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I love a life in art. It’s the roller coaster to the Merry Go Round.


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10 Responses to September 16, 2011

  1. Lawrence Mushlit says:

    Thank you Joe for writing this. This is exactly how I feel! I am a recent graduate from art school and this is exactly how I felt through art school. Especially, the pressure part. Well really the whole acronym. But thank you for writing this it really made me feel better and inspire me. Thanks Joe! Hello my name is Lawrence and I am a creative.

  2. Chris D says:

    Moved to Texas to become a voice actor, on the edge of defeat. But that feeling of not giving up, to do what gives you those cramps in the top of your stomach when you talk to fast because you’re excited about what you could be doing. It gets you through the hours, not the days, or the weeks, but the hours. The nice thing is, even if this attempt doesn’t work out, that sure as hell won’t stop me from continuing to try. My name is Chris and I’m creative.

  3. Alexander says:

    Good point. It deserve a lot of thinking.

  4. Nick Fortunato says:

    Joe just write a book filled with your quotes. We all need them. My name is Nick and I am creative.

  5. Joe Murray says:

    welcome to all. We need to stick together.

    My name is still Joe, and I’m still a creative.

  6. Abel says:

    Your posts are always inspiring, Joe. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My name is Abel and I am creative.

  7. I’ll bring the brownies and a thermos of coffee.
    My name is Kim, and I’m a creative…

  8. Christopher (Zidders Roofurry) Adams says:

    Joe, your work on Rocko’s Modern Life is what got me into really taking advantage of my talents. I might not make a living with my art, but I manage to do some commissions now and then, enough to help offset some of my bills, and it’s what helped bring me to the furry fandom. Because of that fandom, I have some wonderfull friends and have met so many amazing artists who have inspired me much like you have. You’ve been an incredible inspiration to me, thank you so much for putting up with the bad and not letting it keep you from chasing that dream.
    Forver your fan,

  9. Mandy says:

    This is so inspiring, maybe more than you realize. I’m a senior in college, already starting to get a dose of “The Real World” what with working in the creative field and hoping to get a job in it… But what resonated with me was you saying that basically you knew that being an artist and wanting/needing to make that your career would produce lots of personal challenges, maybe more than more “stable” careers… But people like us, the people who have known that art had to be their life and career since they were toddlers… well, we take a lot of crap in the name of this passion, that can be an intense pleasure and a horrible curse all at once. Reading things like this from a person I admire so deeply, whom I actually see a bit of myself in, really inspires me to not just deal with the bullshit, the criticism, the assholes… But to fucking embrace it because it is what is making all of this better when it’s through. Thank you.

  10. Not sure HOW I missed out on some of your more recent posts. I had your old blog stickied, so its corrected to this one now. I have felt like this SOOO many times. Actually when I was a kid being creative was sort of a stigma. I luckily had a very encouraging mother that knew I was just creative, but growing up some other kids parents actually didn’t want them playing with me because I got them to start being creative too. I would get them to act things out, or pretend to be all kinds of things, and make up stories. It’s funny at times how hard it is to get through life being creative, and it truly DOES feel at times as though one needs a support group.

    My life sort of has exploded this past month, which is why I have been slightly M.I.A. but I am back on track, and want you to know I am still working hard to finish my proposal with all the corrections and to the extent of feeling it is ready to be pitched! I hope to keep in touch, and i’d love to talk to you more soon!

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