September 9, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dirdy Birdy on KaboingTV

My old friend John Dilworth’s classic Dirdy Birdy cartoon short is gracing our indie showcase on KaboingTV. Check it out.

John and I know each from way back in the early nineties when he directed the pilot for the show that was competing with Rocko for the next Nicktoons slot. It was called “Psyched for Snuppa” and I remember being very nervous because I thought it was really funny.

A very strange day came after we both finished our pilots. For some reason we were called to the rented (very large) house of the producers for Nickelodeon in Los Angeles. John and I did not know why we were both there. They put us into a viewing  theatre type room ( this house had obviously been previously owned by some entertainment mogul.) They hit the button to close the automatic blinds making it dark. There were two lounge chairs set up, and John and I had to sit and watch both of our pilots together.

For what reason, we are still puzzled.

When it was done, we both looked at each other, and exchanged some weird small talk. We knew the producers were somewhere in this large cavernous house, but we didn’t know where. We sat in the dark not knowing how to work the controls. They finally came around, but I was ready to bolt and write off Hollywood as way too strange for me. Maybe that would have been a good idea.

At any rate, we’ve been friends since, even though Rocko was chosen over his pilot. And I enjoyed his “Courage the Cowardly Dog “ on Cartoon Network and all of his indie films he’s produced. He’s currently in France working on a couple of projects.

He’s a good guy. He’s eccentric and full of odd energy that sitting with him for 10 minutes can only help you understand it.

On another note, I’m very surprised and happy to find out that the viewers voted “Rocko’s Modern Life” onto a special teen block of 90’s programming on Nickelodeon.

Very cool. Thank you for that.

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6 Responses to September 9, 2011

  1. Jesse Kane says:

    That is awesome, Joe! I had always wondered whether you had ever met John Dilworth. I never expected to learn that the Rocko pilot competed with his!

  2. Mr. Semaj says:

    I was surprised when I found out Sniz and Fondue, one of the regular hand-drawn segments for the show KaBLaM! started out as a separate pilot by the Courage the Cowardly Dog creator. Many famous artists have taken interesting journeys in their careers.

  3. HA! Funny story.

    For what its worth “Psyched for Snuppa” eventually did get picked up. It was retooled as “Sniz and Fondue” and aired as a segment on Nick’s anthology program “KaBlam!”

    John Dilworth wasn’t involved in the series (he didn’t create the characters; he only directed the Snuppa pilot)

  4. Joe Murray says:

    Thanks Charles. I didn’t mean to leave the impression that John created “Snuppa”. I knew he was brought in as a director. But I didn’t know it went on to be Sniz and Fondue on KaBlam.

  5. Suzanne says:

    You can view “Psyched for Snuppa” on John Dilworth’s site: (click on “works” – the girl on the bottom left, then scroll down to get to the film).

    Watch John Dilworth’s films on

    AND become a fan on his new facebook page (I helped with that one!):

    There – marketing complete! I am very excited for The Dirdy Birdy on KaboingTV!!

  6. It is such an honor to be regarded by Joe. I love Rocko and that memory with us in Hollywood. Actually, the studio asked me to direct the Snuppa series in NYC, they loved it despite it’s shortcomings, but I declined. That period in the early Nineties, that was a great period for traditional TV animation. I am so proud of Joe and admire the tremendous talent that came out of that short bright moment for us.

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