August 25, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shout Factory and I have worked out a deal where I will be designing and supplying the the art for cover of the new Season 2 Rocko DVD. We are also discussing some new bonus features. We will see.

It’s great that Shout Factory made the effort to pull this off, and open dialog with Nickelodeon to do this. I appreciate it, and I’m sure “Rocko heads” will too.

They sent me a list of the episodes on the upcoming DVD, and there are some personal favorites in there: These are not completely definite, but this is what we have so far:

Rocko’s Modern Life Season Two Episodes:
Season 2, Episode 1: I Have No Son!
Season 2, Episode 2: Pipe Dreams/Tickled Pinky
Season 2, Episode 3: The Lounge Singer/She’s the Toad
Season 2, Episode 4: Down the Hatch/Road Rash
Season 2, Episode 5: Boob Tubed/Commuted Sentence
Season 2, Episode 6: Rocko’s Modern Christmas
Season 2, Episode 7: Hut Sut Raw/Kiss Me, I’m Foreign
Season 2, Episode 8: Cruisin’
Season 2, Episode 9: Born to Spawn/Uniform Behavior
Season 2, Episode 10: Hair Licked/Gutter Balls
Season 2, Episode 11: Junk Junkies/Day of the Flecko
Season 2, Episode 12: Snowballs/Frog’s Best Friend
Season 2, Episode 13: Short Story/Eyes Capades

Some very strange episodes in there. I also hope they do include the Christmas Special (Whose original title was ” You Can’t Squeeze Cheer from a Cheese Log”, with Mitch the three legged elf. It’s a bit of a lost one that is an opposite to the classics.

More on this as it develops!


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10 Responses to August 25, 2011

  1. jestoon says:

    Thank you Joe,
    for making Rocko so personal, thus giving him the young adult challenges we all face. it was a truly special one

  2. Gilder says:

    Mr. Murray if you could make an effort to cooperate with Shout Factory in an attempt to have Nickelodeon give Shout the original runs of the episodes, or at least include low quality versions of the deleted scenes as some of the extras, I think fans would really appreciate it. While it’s nice to have the first season on DVD it’s disappointing that some episodes are censored to remove jokes (Such as Heffer and the milking machine). If this issue isn’t at least attempted to be addressed then we’ll also lose jokes like the berry picking scene in Hut Sut Raw. Unless the jokes were removed from the masters themselves then they should be on the DVDs. Looking forward to season two on DVD with new Rocko art at any rate, whether it’s censored or not.

  3. Ethan says:

    Awesome! Congratulations to you AND us! 😉

    Love your work and attitude, sir, and am glad to hear this news and to have bought the first season as soon as I could in hopes to support something like this happening. Keep on being fantastic (and doing great stuff 🙂

  4. Jesse Oliver says:

    Great news Joe!

    I hope you can find the original “Trash-O-Madness” pilot (with Yellow Rocko) to add as a bonus feature. That would be awesome!

    Is it also possible that will have some audio commentaries with you and maybe Carlos, Tom and Mr. Lawrence?

  5. Sounds great! I love the 2nd season, so I hope the DVD will be great.

    I second the original version of the pilot with yellow Rocko.

  6. Kenny Wombat says:

    Awesome! I loved these episodes! Especially the Commuted Sentence. I’ve also always wanted to see that Christmas special. And the yellow Rocko pilot!

    Why not include in the bonus features some storyboards, title cards or concept art/sketches? Now THAT would really rule. It would even be better (though I guess these wont happen) would be including a Rocko plushie or keychain or something. I love those!

    When and where are these DVDs available? 😀 Thanks

  7. eric benns says:

    thank you for for releasing rockos modern life.

  8. JJ Parks says:

    Wow, this is great news =) I love the idea of more DVD episodes of Rocko and the thought of having some additional bonus features is really icing on the cake. I’d love ANY kind of behind-the-scenes footage (if it exists) or interviews with cast/crew. Glad things are moving ahead nicely Joe. Thanks for all of your hard work for us fans!

  9. Adam says:

    I hope the dirty jokes don’t get cut

  10. Matthew Poulin says:

    I was wondering if there is any idea when the Rocko’s Modern Life Season Two dvd will be released.

    When the Rocko’s Modern Life Season Three dvd will be released.

    When the Rocko’s Modern Life Season Four dvd will be released.

    And when the Rocko’s Modern Life Complete Series dvd will be released.

    I have #5 ideas as special features for the dvd sets below

    #1 I’d like to see the episodes in the main video as the syndicated rerun versions like the Season One dvd but then also have the uncut (unedited) original scenes from the original airings as deleted scenes located in a deleted scenes menu that could be located in the special features menu.

    #2 I would like all the holiday episodes like the Christmas Day episode (Rocko’s Modern Christmas), the Valentine’s Day love story episodes (Wallaby On Wheels) (I See London, I See France) (An Elk For Heffer) (Love Spanked) (Clean Lovin’), the April Fool’s day episode (Pranksters), & the Thanksgiving Day episode (Turkey Time).

    (Love Spanked & Clean Lovin’ Above Under Valentine’s Day section of holiday episodes are included on the Season One dvd set)

    #3 I would like all the pilot episodes of Rocko’s Modern Life like the pilot version of Trash-O-Madness with Yellow Rocko on the season dvd sets.

    #4 I would also like the Season dvds to have how to draw videos for all the characters plus commentary tracks.

    #5 I would also like the orginal Rocko’s Modern Life Commercials, Ads, & Trailers if available to be on the dvd releases.

    By the way I heard that Nickalodian (Nick) (Nicktoons) of canada has a copy of the uncut episodes so maybe it’s possible to obtain the original scenes that were cutout in reruns through Nickalodian (Nick) (Nicktoons) Canada

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