August 1, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ahhhh, this would have been my fathers birthday. I guess it still is.

I think about his affect on my life, and whether his dismissal of my art life gave me more drive to push through the disapproval. I was very proud when I showed my Dad the first house I purchased with money solely from an art career.I guess I was trying to speak his language since he really didn’t understand mine.

I talk a lot about outside influences on our life  decisions. Good or bad. But I never felt I had a choice. I was sorry it wasn’t what my father wanted me to do,  but I had to move on.

My business at the moment is taking me in a lot of new directions. I’m reinventing in a lot of ways. Finding where I want to be at this point in my life. There is a lot of interest right now in the nostalgia of Rocko and the 90’s. In interviews, I discuss how great it feels for others to still find a place for the project my crew and I poured our heart into. But for me, it’s always been more about the process. Once I’m done and it’s in the can, I look forward to the next artistic challenge.

The 90’s  were fun, but the future has so much in store for animation. There is still a big appetite for stories and characters that take risks. I can’t wait to see.

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4 Responses to August 1, 2011

  1. andrei mateia says:

    he joe you got a little mistake – Finding where I want to (me)BE at this point in my life

  2. Nick Fortunato says:

    I think there’s a lot of interest in the 90’s right now because people my age and older miss the shows, especially on Nickelodeon, that they grew up on and they want to relive that nostalgia. On top of that a lot of them were inspired by those shows, I know I am. I also feel the same way you do. Anytime I finish a project I always look forward to the next.

  3. Kenn says:

    Always is good to take new directions and reinvent yourself, it’s evolution. If one don’t evolve… finally dies. It happened when Flash arrived, and people started to use it to animate. I know a lot of animators that said: Flash and 3D are shit, we don’t need to work…. and now, they don’t work in the animation industry. They didn’t evolve.

  4. Esteban says:

    I for one, and this is solely my own opinion, open to disucssion without criticism, feel that today’s animation (where most is, sadly, 3d computer) is less risky, therefore less interesting. what happened to the old ren and stimpy and rocko-esque cartoons? i am happy to see cartoon network playing old ooney tunes – classic stuff, and beavis and butthead is coming back. Yet, when comparing the cartoons i grew up on to what kids today are watching, present day cartoons on television are, in a nutshell, prude, then 90’s cartoons.

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