June 20, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Yes…Modern Life is a Very  Dangerous Life, Or The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

Okay, I’m going to be very blunt here. And wide open, which is going against the grain of my privacy instincts. But what the hell.

A life in art takes on many forms. I’ve tried to do a few new things since Lazlo was over. Pave a new way to take an animated series both to the internet and to an international syndication model to allow access for the more original cartoon content. Plus, a need from blog readers to want to know more,  first led to an ebook, and then to a book published by Random House/Watson Guptil last year.

Both the KaboingTV model and the alternative International model are viable directions and I predict success at some point with KaboingTV and with other  business models for animation. My book was valuable to a lot of people, but publishing is a tough road these days.

But with the crash of ’08, and the extra money I sunk into Kaboing and this other project and negotiations , I’m in a tough place financially. No different than a lot of people are. I’m not looking for any sympathy. I made all of the decisions that got me here. It’s nobody’s fault but my own.

I revamped my web site because it needs to be more available to me to update without my web guy’s involvement and to service more of my business end. Doing so, I cut out a lot of Rocko fan stuff. I apologize for that, but I can’t afford to keep all of that going. My work with consulting, storyboarding and directing is going to take up more of my direction now, as well as continued work on “Hed’s and my indie film “Fish Hed”. Of course my class is very important to me and will still remain a focus.

My debate to share this surrendered to the fact that creative lives go in different directions. And all should share what we are going through.  I made some decisions based on good intentions, with some factors coming in that I had no control over. I’ve been through rough spots before, and I will get through this one.

They say, “It’s not how you fall, It’s how you get back up.”

I am so appreciative to all the fans of Rocko and Lazlo, and those who worked with me on “Frog in a Suit”. I’ll keep you posted on my efforts to get back up again and dust myself off.

Thank you for all of your support. I’ve had so many amazing things happen in my life. I’m a lucky man.




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  1. Mom says:

    I was a contributor to the KaboingTV Kickstarter page. Was all the money contributed to KaboingTV just to launch Frog in a Suit? Right now the website seems to be embedded versions of animated videos uploaded to YouTube. I don’t get how that’s a business model or how it can evolve further. Some answers would be appreciated, thanks!

    • Hello, Mom. I am working with Joe on the KaboingTV project. I hope to answer your questions as best I can – Joe will fill in whatever I missed.

      KaboingTV is shifting a bit. We’re changing strategies somewhat, which has created a slowdown, but we’re hoping to get back on track within a few months. Our primary goal is the acquisition of more content, which is coming in at a slightly slower rate than we’d like. But it is coming.

      Right now, yes, we’re utilizing Youtube, but do keep in mind that many sites utilize Youtube as a video host while maintaining the site itself. At some point we hope to utilize our own hosting capabilities. It’s a tricky proposition, and we need to be sure that not only the transition is smooth, but that there is enough content to justify self-hosting capabilities.

      We also will try to establish some type of presence at a comic convention in the near future, to sell merchandise, to have a face to the name, to get our name “out there” so to speak.

      We will be honest: the original strategy did not quite coalesce, as we received a number of fans but not quite as many to garner attention. So we’re attempting a more grassroots, slow-building approach, certainly so that we don’t have to ask people for more money.

      Again, I should note that most sites do not grow into their fullest at least within 3 or 4 years. Already we had a major site revision since the debut in March, which itself was a feat. We do apologize for the delays and lack of activity, but I assure you we’re doing what we can behind the scenes to get things going. As the content pool grows we’re hoping to attract interest, partners, and/or investors. In effect this is a brand new venture so the start is rocky. But things are at this point at least stable, so we’re hoping to build upon this pretty soon.

      If there are any specific questions or concerns, you can email us at contact@KaboingTV.com and we hope we can get back to you as soon as possible.

  2. Joe Murray says:

    Yes, I want to respond as well to “Mom”.

    First off, thank you for your support of the Kickstarter project.

    I was very open from the start in Kickstarter, ( and posted many articles and video blogs to the point) that the Kickstarter money was to help fund two episodes of Frog in a Suit in order to help launch an animation website called KaboingTV. After settling with Amazon, Kickstarter, and getting out all of the thank you gifts, the money was just enough to pay outside animators to help with the animation on the two episodes. I was also at the same time in negotiations with an outside media company to fund more episodes and other series. These negotiations stopped when the very thing we were trying to get an alternative to was a key point.

    My hope was that the Frog episodes would garner enough attention and hits to spark more interest and momentum to continue the push. I myself put my other work on hold ( except for my classes) and poured a lot of money into finishing the episodes and to get a site up. Kevin Johnson and Suzanne Kasch came in to continue the push to keep Kaboing going, and they have been fantastic.

    We had originally decided to launch with the proprietary episodes embedded in Kaboing only, but felt it would help our cause to have the added exposure and push that You Tube could offer at least at the beginning.

    There may be some Kickstarter contributors who feel short changed, but I feel confident that I have fulfilled what I promised I would do and then some. I worked hard to distribute all of the thank you gifts, and then work late into the night to finish these episodes to the highest care that they would provide a push for an alternative means for animators to get their work out there. This was never a money making venture for me, nor was my book, nor were my classes. They are a chance for me to give back.

    But now I need to put some bread on the table for my family, and I don’t need to make any apologies for that.

    • Everett Abbott says:

      You don’t need to apologize Joe. Eating, a house, a family, and life all costs money so you sometimes have to make sacrifices to pay the bills.

      On the note of KaboingTV, if you need any outside help, I feel there are a wealth of people outside your little team you have already that would be willing to volunteer their time to KaboingTV. Most of us want to see KaboingTV become big and successful; its the opportunity most of us cartoonists have been waiting for.

      In essence, what Im trying to get at is you don’t have to put KaboingTV on hold just because you haven’t had the time to manage it cause theres an army of creative people also with a sense for business that would love to help push this dream.

      Best Regards Joe and I hope this all works out!

      P.S. Also Im working on a pilot short and a pitch for KaboingTV atm, but its gonna take awhile to make.

  3. Nick Yosick says:


    I thought I would give you a heads up on this offer. I went into Best Buy today and got Rocko’s Modern Life Season One on DVD. There is a Retail Me Not coupon online for Best Buy stating that any DVD or Bluray that’s $14.99 or more gets $5 off. Your show at $14.99 qualifies for this offer and I was able to walk out of there with a Rocko DVD for $10.58 (includes tax)! That beats Amazon.com’s $13.99 offer (plus shipping). Here’s the attached coupon code valid until 7/31/11.


    This new DVD is better than the Amazon VOD discs.

    Nick Yosick

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