Luna Flying Along

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Luna offices in Glendale, California

The production for “Luna Around the World” is flying! I can’t brag enough about my crew and their dedication to this project. It’s a fast schedule, but I still feel like we are keeping up the quality. Thank you to my crew for their amazing work.

Just got back from Toronto Canada where we started the voice recording. Worked one day with the kid actors who were awesome ( when they were not coming in to the control booth to steal chocolate bars).

There are definite different challenges to doing a pre-school show as opposed to my previous shows in the 6 to 11 range. But I’m determined for the show to be funny on top of the curriculum of learning about cultures around the world. It’s a tall order.

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  1. Connor O'Brien says:

    Awesome that its going well! Happy to read posts again!

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