Annecy and Europe

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Of course you have a photo under the Eiffel Tower

View from our hotel room in Annecy, France. In town for the animation festival

Had a really great trip to Europe during June. First to Annecy, France for the animation festival where there was a signing and a panel with Myself, Robert Scull and Chris Viscardi. Robert worked on the Rocko pilot and on the show itself, and went on to be a really great creator producer of shows for Nickelodeon, mostly pre-school. It was a good panel except much of the audience didn’t speak english. We showed a clip from the rough animation for the upcoming Rocko special that seemed to fall a little flat from the translation. Don’t know.

Then my daughter and I went on to Paris for a few days then, meeting up with my wife and two sons in Belgium, ending up finally in Holland to vacation on the beach.

Was hard to come back and then immediately fly to Toronto for a “Luna” record . We ended up working on 4 episodes which floored me. And jet lagged on top of it.

Ah, television production.

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  1. Ty M says:

    Awesome! Didn’t know this was happening, would have got my ticket 🙂 Looking forward to the new stuff.

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