December 1, 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016
Thumbnails from the upcoming Rocko Special

Thumbnails from the upcoming Rocko Special

Rocko Special Moves On

I can share these thumbnails from the Rocko Special board since we cut the scenes out later on. The project is under strict control after all. This was a scene where Spunky becomes radioactive after drinking a power drink. Poor Spunky.

What I can share is that the details are getting closely watched. We are painting the backgrounds traditionally rather than digitally. There is actually pencils and paper getting used ( which is a rarity these days). I’m enjoying working for Nickelodeon where I didn’t think I would, and my crew is full of superstars and future superstars.

Flying to Washington DC in a couple weeks to finish up details for the Luna Production. Want to get in there before Trump comes in and paints the White House gold.

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One Response to December 1, 2016

  1. Chris M says:

    You’ve handled releasing tidbits about this new special very well, Joe.

    You know just how to keep us on our toes by revealing not too little and not too much.

    I see that the characters are just as animated as they were all those years back, not that I expected any less.

    Quick question: Will Rocko still be cream-colored, or will you finally be making him yellow, as originally intended?

    Anyway, I’m very happy the project is going so well for you, and it’s heartwarming to see you talk so highly of the up-and-coming people in your crew.

    Best wishes as always!

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