March 18,2016

Friday, March 18, 2016


A Little Freaked Out

Well, my PBS pilot was completed and sent in to the wonderful process of focus group testing. It’s one of my favorite pilots I’ve done, but will it connect? Don’t know. We will see. My 3 year old son loves watching the pilot. We use it for bribes. It’s a different age group for me. One of the things I was aiming for ( which I aim for with all of my shows) is that parents will enjoy sitting down with their kids to watch it. It’s a tough one, but many shows do it. But sometimes you straddle the line. Especially with a show that skews younger. Will it get picked up? Always a wait and see. Been through it before.

So feeling angst about that.

My wife and I are also expecting a new baby in May. Another boy. My fourth child. 2 girls, 2 boys. While my oldest daughter goes off to Parsons Art College in New York this fall. ANGST!

Just got done with a semi-big consulting job for a French Animation Studio. Some angst. Not so much angst.

Another project which is TOP SECRET ( although some have already figured it out) is about done with negotiations and is ready to begin. Will it be finished before ( if) we begin the highly ambitious PBS schedule with a stripped show aimed at November 2017 premiere?


Donald Trump?


Quality problems with amazingly good things happening but causing me angst.

Except for the Donald Trump thing. That’s just a plain mind f**K. Just plain confused about some of the people who live in the United States. But that never changes.

But lets not hijack the great things that are happening in my life right now.

Need to get some sleep. I’ll need it.

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  1. Tytus M says:

    Love you Joe, shine on you crazy diamond.

  2. Connor O. says:

    Hey Joe the Donald Trump thing gets me really down too, the fact that so many people would support him. What I have to remind myself though is that hes just taking advantage of people who are scared and maybe they’re not all horrible. That makes me feel better than the idea that people would naturally gravitate towards such an evil man. His core group are people whose incomes have gone down $2500+ over the last 15 years, and often have less than a high school degree. They’re blue collar Reagan-Democrat types (not particularly socially conservative, notice how the one group he doesnt bother to throw under the bus are gays cause his supporters don’t really care, also doesn’t talk much about abortion or other religious pandering) who have a demagogue whose taking advantage of their worst fears and anxieties and scapegoats minorities because his supporters are undereducated enough to fall for it. So whenever I’m feeling down about Trump and how many people are supporting him I just try to feel better that I’m not in a position where I could be manipulated like that

  3. Don’t feel like that. You’ve done 2 great cartoons on TV that not only me, a lot of people remember them as a part of their childhood. I’m sure this new project will be one for this new generation for sure. And congrats for your new baby boy!

    P.S.: 2017 is too far away to see your new project 🙁

    Cheers Joe, take care.

  4. Liam Scanlan says:

    Since you described this project as “not right in the head” in an earlier post on this blog, since it required negotiations in order to begin work, and since “some have already figured it out”, as you say, all I need to ask you is this: Is it a “Wacky Delly” spinoff of “Rocko’s Modern Life”? I’m asking you this because of the above hints, because Nickelodeon is starting to revive its catalog of classic Nicktoons, starting with a “Hey Arnold!” TV movie, because the “Wacky Delly” show-within-a-show is popular enough, and because the episode it appeared in, also called “Wacky Delly”, is one of your favorite episodes. Also, I think it is your favorite “Rocko” episode of all time.

  5. He_Who_Trolls says:

    I actually voted for Trump in the primaries (And I have two Bachelor’s degrees in stem fields, and am young enough that I did not get the jokes in RML the first time I saw it…)

    I like Trump mainly because the media and powers that be hate him!
    Remember “Ed good Rocko bad”?

    Well the media has been taking things out of context and playing their dumb games forever; Trump has called them out on it, and watching them squirm is delicious.

    Personally though I’m not convinced he is an actual conservative but time will tell.

    I’d really rather have Rand Paul, or Ron Paul but I guess we don’t deserve them 🙁

    Totally unrelated question that I think I pop over here and ask every few years: Why were Rocko’s parents Kangaroos? Did you have a backstory on that?


    • He_Who_Trolls says:

      Also I only put my background to differentiate myself from uneducated less than high school folks mentioned previously.

  6. Brady Hall says:

    Hello Joe,

    Congratulations on the new child, it must be quite the experience to have one new one coming while another is leaving the nest.

    Would you happen to know when you will be able to provide any details about your potential new series with PBS? I hope all goes well with he focus group, after reading your book I feel very confident it will go to series.

    As far as the Trump stuff goes I struggle with it a lot and have been feeling anger and frustration with this country lately. How can so many people back a person that believes in building a wall! I try to remember we have places like San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland in this country where people care about Art, Culture, progress, equality and the environment.

    Great to see an update from you I hope all find you well.

  7. Alex says:

    Hi Joe, found your site just tonight while looking for clips of the Japanese dub of Rocko, but I wanted to say it’s great to see you’re still active and engaged. Your “activism” section is awesome, and I’m glad as an artist and a fan that I find your views so relatable. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the new work on PBS. Secret project sounds cool as well. Congrats on the new kid, walk with Jah, and keep on rockin in the free world!

  8. Kitsuku Crux Mikazuki says:

    I guess its good that you feel anxious.. I mean it shows you care about something and good or bad it seems to me not a lot of people care these days about any and all the things and go empathetically mute.

    Congrats on your new baby!

    Politics are tough I try not to let it get me down personally.. We get all the people chosen for us and in the end we get to make that final vote from people we never got to choose in the first place so *Shrugs*

    Wish you well on the secret project! Though I do hope your PBS pilot goes well too!! But even if it doesn’t I am sure you did the best you can do and can only learn from trying; I doubt you could ever grew as a person by always succeeding anyway.. that would get quite boring.

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