I have this studio….

Thursday, January 14, 2016


I have this studio in downtown Glendale. I’ve had it for awhile. In my building is a mixture of film production, and business types. Craig Barlett’s in the building. Passes by at times on his way for noodles.  It’s a strange pocket, this creative spot I’ve carved out. My line producer brings thai food for meetings. I have a Nespresso coffee maker that keeps me sane. Rocko, Lazlo and Frog in a Suit memorabilia on the walls.

The studio has a couple projects going on, with emphasis on the PBS project, which is almost out the door for now. Playing around with a new studio card for the back credits.

May be going to Toronto in  a couple weeks. I’m already cold.

Happy birthday to my Mom. I miss her.


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6 Responses to I have this studio….

  1. Nick Fortunato says:

    That sounds so cool. You and Craig in the same building!

  2. Tommy Cannon says:

    Super cool! Keep on drawin’! You’re still a huge inspiration to me.

  3. Kind of excited for those projects on their way.. keep it going Joe! You’re a big inspiration for a lot of people.

  4. M says:

    What’s in Toronto? A studio? A festival? A pilgrimage to Richard Williams???

  5. mike fyke says:

    Hello Joe, I’m extremely late to the mark, you came to Toronto and I missed the opportunity to bow to you. Hope we didn’t scare you away with our cold, hope you come again and maybe enjoy some Tims. Your blog is always inspiring, keep doing what your doing, excited to see what’s next. Take care.

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