October 13, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014



Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

I wrote about this on my Facebook page on friday, and got quite a response. But I want to start a movement ( already started in South Dakota and Seattle Washington) to replace Columbus Day ( A eurocentric archaic holiday honoring someone who enslaved and tortured the native people he found when he landed) with one honoring the first people of North America.

The native people that Columbus found when he landed were so peaceful they didn’t even own a weapon, much less no how to use one. They were quickly enslaved and tortured to mine gold for the Spaniards, and those not killed, died quickly of disease, wiping out the whole island of it’s indigenous people. This of course was the beginning of the ethnic cleansing that occurred in North America by the onslaught of Europeans into the continent. Yes, many were responsible for this sad chapter of  American History, but Columbus is zeroed in on because there is an American holiday devoted to him where many enjoy a day off. Yes, there were many violent Native Americans, but I would be too if my homeland and culture were being destroyed before our eyes. I think many of us would. And there is even debate whether Columbus was the first European to land on North American soil. Many say the Vikings came first. But who cares. There were already people here.

Let’s instead honor those people who gave us the first culture of these lands, and whose ancestors perished in the name of “American Expansion”. I think that’s a better use of a holiday.

Don’t just take my word for it. Read more about it HERE.

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