May 8, 201

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Qualities of the Professional

When I’m talking to students, I am always discussing what sets an artist apart, and it’s usually the quality of commitment to the craft, to service, and to further growth. Just being on time with your art commissions can break you out of the pack.

The following is from Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art” and it is also reprinted in his book “Turning Pro” which I highly recommend.

Habits and qualities that the professional creative possesses that the amateur doesn’t:

1.  The professional shows up every day.

2.  The professional stays on the job all day.

3.  The professional is committed over the long haul.

4.  For the professional, the stakes are high and real.

5.  The professional is patient.

6.  The professional seeks order.

7.  The professional demystifies.

8.  The professional acts int he face of fear.

9.  The professional accepts no excuses.

10. The professional plays it as it lays.

11.  The professional is prepared.

12.  The professional does not show off.

13.  The professional dedicates himself to mastering technique.

14.  The professional does not hesitate to ask for help.

15.  The professional does not take failure or success personally.

16.  The professional does not identify with his or her instrument.

17.  The professional endures adversity.

18.  The professional self-validates.

19.  The professional reinvents herself.

20.  The professional is recognized by other professionals.


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4 Responses to May 8, 201

  1. Shellbert says:

    Very interesting!

    Btw Mr. Murray, you what are the possibilities of a complete series set of Camp Lazlo? I’ve been enjoying the complete series of Rocko. A lot of people I know really seem to remember Lazlo and want to watch the series. Would Shout Factory be willing to do it? Because if sales were good for Rocko, a Lazlo box set would be popular too. A lot of Rocko fans also love Lazlo. And you can even make One of those arts like you did for Rocko, that had all of the characters throughout the show’s history. You could do something like that for Lazlo too.

    Thanks and good luck!

    • Joe Murray says:

      I’m not sure what Cartoon Network is doing with Lazlo. Shout Factory usually deals with more nostalgic titles i believe. Maybe if enough people write to them requesting Lazlo DVD’s they might think about it.

      Thanks for the note.

  2. Richard Hill says:

    So Joe, I think it VERY fitting that I get back to you on this post of all posts. My initial project( the one I started with you) just got released into the apple store this evening! ( Froguts Owl Pellet Adventure) Remember waaaay back a couple of summers ago? It’s been a ride to get this thing out, and with sidetracks ( like my son being born shortly before yours), doing daddy daycare, as well as other business project priorities, I had to pretty much follow all the steps above, and then some. Great thing is I’m set to crank out quite a few more of these story/ interactives. So I’m sending you a free download link with some instructions for your iPad. Originally I told you that it would all be online, but who would’ve thought that tablets and phones would be such a game changer? Anyway , look out for an email. Thanks for your valued critiques and input. Couldn’t have done it without your Class…. or at least as well. Sincerely, Rick

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