March 31, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014



Discipline comes into all aspects of your life.What time you wake up. When you go to sleep. What you eat. When you work on your projects. A well disciplined life leads to health and happiness. But sometimes it can feel like neglect to the “in the moment” times. What do you turn down to keep on track with your art. Your creative outlet. How do you feel afterwards?

Animation is really tough on the discipline. It’s so long term. I used to ride those bicycle double century rides, where they are so long, sometimes you just need to concentrate on the road that is directly beneath your feet.

But the decision you make now. Are you still being a good parent? A good husband?  Are you being true to yourself. If you wake up earlier can you get more work done before the baby wakes up?

To me, it feels good to be with my wife and kids, but if I”m away from my work too long I get grumpy. It needs to be acknowledged. Given a comfortable place to sit.

Work is coming along well. My animation is improving.

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3 Responses to March 31, 2014

  1. Shana says:

    This is actually EXACTLY what is going on with me right now. It is so inspiring to know someone that is as experienced with juggling life, and discipline for work still struggles with it as well.

    I am trying to schedule “Livestreaming” for the immediate bills, need to make time to create merchandise worthy art that is more refined and higher quality for our trade shows and store I am opening (since it can be more mass produced for future.) AND I am scheduling to work on my longer term graphic novel.

    With all that how do you make sure friends and your significant other don’t feel neglected? Even if I think I am scheduling to a T and make time for my relationship, for example, when I get really busy (like I just had a big convention this past weekend) feelings get hurt, people feel ignored.. how do you balance art and family? Someone should make a guide book haha.

  2. Tommy Cannon says:

    I feel what you feel. It’s tough to find balance when my inner hedonist just wants to draw away every hour. But, then I realize that cartoons aren’t about people drawing cartoons. They are about people creating a life. So, I strive to be at least half as interesting as the things I draw. Oddly enough, being a married man now makes me a better cartoonist.

  3. Miles says:


    Happy Birthday!

    I’m running into the same issue. It’s my “Social existence” versus doing art, but I’m finding myself happier with the latter recently…

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