March 11, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Animation still from film "Fish Head" and early development art from the same scene.

Animation still from film “Fish Head” and early development art from the same scene.

You can tell how many changes this film has undergone since it’s first development art and the current animation being done for it. You can see the difference in the model design for the fisherman. I also earlier had a dog in the story, but as things go, the dog seemed more and more irrelevant to the story. Also Annie, the wife character, developed some curl to her hair.

One of the really positive aspects of independent film, and “calling an audible” on the drawing table. Changing a play after you see how things are setting up. I lay out a scene, but once I start animating it, at times I know it’s not going to work. Or rather, it would work, but a change would make it work better.

Not sure what happened to winter here in southern California. Maybe other parts of the country can share the wealth.

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  1. Chris D says:

    You don’t want the weather in the midwest. By this time of year normally we are in the 60’s. For the first time since last August, we’re hitting the upper 40s this week. Snow is just now starting to gain that unnatural melting grey color; and the mounds linings driveways like defense towers beginning to lose their daunting height. Spring can come no sooner.

    I really dig this screenshot. It looks like it has a lot of texture to it. Like oil paint on an acrylic board. You can see each passing stroke. This is very exciting. It seems this project has been two extremes for you: freedom to allow the story to dictate its evolution to life; frustration when things aren’t going well. Regardless, it must be a blast to have gotten to experience something so intimately, with only your fingerprints on it. I am stoked for you, Joe!

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