June 25, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dear Friends,

It’s been a few years since we launched Kaboing TV with the help of generous kickstarter backers, (and other individuals) and I have come to a point where I must face the obvious. As our friend on that cartoon web site preemptively announced: Kaboing is Kaput.

From the start, the quest to interest backers and media companies with the steadfast rule that the cartoon creators hold on to their ownership while we operate the cartoon channel, proved to be a monstrous hurdle. It was always the deal breaker. The economic realities on monetizing changed from the moment I conceived the idea, to the time it launched. Yet I have still, up to this point, wished to continuing trying.

It was my hopes that producing a couple of new episodes of Frog in a Suit would show the potential traffic of such a site, but that too fell short of its’ goal. We needed a huge influx of marketing muscle and more original product. It was never about “Frog”, it was about an animation, cartoon community channel.

I am forever grateful for the kickstarter backers for their support. For the record, I matched (and over) the amount the kickstarter backers contributed from my personal savings and all of the kickstarter money went directly to thank you gifts, and the outside (American) studio we hired to do part of the animation. (And they did a great job!) None of the kickstarter money went to me for my services (as it should be.)

My sincere thanks and appreciation go to Kevin Johnson, for his financial and unwavering support of the site. And to Suzanne Kasch and Wade Goyens for their hard work.

It was worth the attempt, and hopefully it has been a learning tool for other similar ventures. There are always stairs of defeats that often help others to climb to victories. I still believe in the concept behind Kaboing. I will hold on to the name, and perhaps seeing changes in the internet highway, find ways in the future to try it again.

I must retreat back to my personal projects now.

A sincere thanks and deepest apologies to you all.

 Joe Murray


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6 Responses to June 25, 2013

  1. Jim says:

    All that really matters is we still have this site!!! Thank you for trying something new that was fun to be a part of. That made it a success in my eyes. We will always continue to support you and everything you do here :^)

  2. Adam Paloian says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, Joe. I know it was a big project that you put a lot of work into. I think it’s a good idea to hold on to Kaboing because it’s still a great concept for what is to come of the merge between television and the internet.

  3. david essman says:

    Thank you for trying!

  4. ~Chri$ says:

    I was wondering what you had planned for Kaboing TV for the future, Joe and I see it was indeed not a success as it should have been. I think this just really shows people today aren’t interested in things like they use to be. There is just too much distraction in everything and the corporate model rules over all. It’s really sad how it feels like animation is dead in this country and the great shows we use to have that pushed the edge have been thrown out to make sure everything is so P.C. today and doesn’t create any waves in the still water.

    It just seems like to people today are like crows, seeing a shiny object and looking toward it, then another and another. Over and over. If you don’t constantly give them something all the time, they just leave as quickly as they came. Today you have to fight for people’s attention from other things.

    I look forward to anything you can produce to the unclean masses again, Joe and I hope in the future, a time will come again where animation can shine in this country again and not be an endless recycling of same ideas and sequels. Good luck to all of your future projects, Joe!

  5. John Joy says:

    Hey Joe,

    I know it’s hard to see a project not take on the life you intended for it. But at least you tried. You put in all the work, built a community that supported you on Kickstarter, and delivered.

    Your attempt fuels my creativity, and underscores the importance of supporting our peers.

    Thank you for taking chances, and for having the strength and courage to share your successes and failures with your audience.

    All of your work inspires me.


  6. Rick Hill says:

    We know your heart was in the right place. As it turns out you were way ahead of the curve in the kickstarter scene to begin with, and nowadays you see a Very limited scope in what people offer. Even the DoubleFine guys with 3+ million got into a bit of heat recently http://www.engadget.com/2013/07/03/double-fine-kickstarter-debacle/
    So again I say you did awesome for trying and following through as far as you did. Idealistic or not, I’m using your experience to potentially kickstart part( and I emphasize part ) of froguts jr. So thanks for being so damned intrepid. Oh and for being a great Sensei too. -Rick

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