March 26, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Maybe because I’m sleep deprived. ( When your newborn looks like Winston Churchill at 3 in the morning, things are a little dizzy.) In a way, there is closure.

I’m feeling since all of the Rocko DVD’s are out now, I can put that part of my life aside now. No, I am not defined by my past. The successes are just as much an illusion as the failures. My life in TV was good. But it’s saying you “can go now.”

My efforts to give back, with my books and classes ( and kaboingTV, which I pumped a lot of time and money into. The animators got all the money from the kickstarter campaign) now feel at a close. I feel I’ve taught my share. These classes will most likely be the last.

I’m so grateful. But I feel it’s time to open some new chapters in my life. Or close the book completely.


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20 Responses to March 26, 2013

  1. Davie says:

    Any word on when Rocko season 4 DVDs come out? I know the complete series set is out, but it kinda screws those of us who bought the first three seasons individually…

    • Joe Murray says:

      You are right Davie. Not all the DVD’s are out. I just wrote to Brian Blum at Shout and he said Season 4 is definitely coming out this year, but they have not set a release date yet.

  2. Connor O'Brien says:

    On occasion I’m still asked by people about a comic I did when I was young and I find that frustrating, so I can only imagine how incredibly annoyed you feel with people always asking about rocko haha. I think a lot of people can relate to that show though and thats why it stays so popular. We can’t wait to see your new projects like the fishermans wife; the stuff thats been posted with it has been really funny

  3. Rich says:

    Hey Joe. Have you seen this yet? –

    What’re your thoughts??

  4. Warren says:

    Is it the pilot with Rocko being yellow? Or what?

  5. Joe Murray says:

    Not sure. I’m curious about it myself.

    • Adam Paloian says:

      It was an April Fool’s Day prank.

      They took Ralph Bighead’s idea of holding on an image of mayonnaise for 10 minutes. The used the painting from the Wacky Deli episode and had elevator music playing over it. I hope you’re proud, Joe, haha.

  6. Warren says:

    Well we ditched cable so I won’t see it until it goes online, (if it does) And it also isn’t even a standard channel (or wasn’t when we had cable) But still… I wonder as well.

  7. Nick Fortunato says:

    Cant wait to see what your new projects will be.

  8. Raul says:

    To anyone asking about that ‘never-before-seen’ episode, the current scheduling shows that they’ll be showing Pranksters/From Here to Maternity. So it looks like it’s almost certainly just a prank. :/

  9. Mike says:

    Hello Joe. I am a 13 year old cartoonist. I have been published in a newspaper and some of my art has been published in comic books. I loveyour shows and have developed my own ideas for shows when im older. I have this buffalo character that i draw.Do you have any tips on my journey to be a show creator?

  10. Clint says:

    You know, my first inclination upon reading this post was to beg you to not “give up” and to keep pressing onward, but that would be extremely selfish of me. Joe, you made us laugh as children and aided our creative development as adults. You never owed us anything, now less than ever. If you feel that now is the time to rest, you’ve earned it. With that being said, we, your fans, will always be eager for you to step back into the worlds of teaching and art. We understand you’re tired and preoccupied with the challenges of parenthood, but to be clear, you need make no commitment to, or from, any course of action. If your creative forces again rise to where they demand release, we will ready. We can wait, forever if necessary.

  11. Warren says:

    Did Nick really do that to us the fans?

  12. Russell says:

    Sad to hear that you are putting that part if your life behind you now, but I’m glad you’re happy and wish you luck on all your future projects. In my mind you will always be the best artist of all time, your design style is my biggest inspiration and I always love everything you work on. Your creativity and your ability to create incredible characters and stories always amazes me. Wish you the best of luck on your movie and future frog in a suit comics and shorts (I’m hopeful). Thanks for creating the greatest television show of all time mr. Murray,you’ll always be the best.

  13. Warren says:

    He said it was maybe just maybe because of lack of sleep… I hope, Camp Lazlo is still not all out on DVD…

  14. Hanan says:

    How would have Rockos Modern Life concluded had it not been canceled after Season 4? This is something I have wondered for years.

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