December 3, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Big Rocko News

Shout Factory, encouraged by the strong sales of the previous season RML DVD’s has decided to do an “All Complete Seasons Set” of Rocko’s Modern Life, set to be released on February 26th, 2013, complete with the bonus video of this years Rocko Live event. With large retailers on board, this set will also include this full color art piece ( Pencil rough shown here) included in the packaging.

I challenge you to name all of the characters. Extra credit if you name the episode(s) they came from.

For those of you who already bought the first three seasons and just want the fourth, have no fear. I’ve already done the art for that one, and it will be out after the complete season DVD release.

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  1. Tom Newton says:

    I can’t really name all of the characters, but I can attempt to name most of the main ones.

    I see Rocko, Heffer, Filburt, Spunky, Mr. and Mrs. Bighead, Really Really Big Man, Ralph Bighead, Chuck, Leon, Gladys, Earl, Rocko’s tooth, Grandpa Wolf, the Fatheads, the Suck-o-Matic, Dr. Hutchison, and Captain Compost Heap (♪R-E-C-Y-C-L-E Recycle!!!♪). I thew some minor ones in there.

    Even though I watch the entire series on Netflix, I’m still gonna get the complete seasons set when it comes out. Excellent rough drawing, Mr. Murray! Can’t wait for the release.

  2. Brody says:

    Congrats. I bet that it comes out just in time for your new son.

    I knew that the big announcement was going to be one of two things. Either it was going to be this or, new Rocko episodes. The latter however, seemed VERY unlikely. So I would have put my money on this.

    And there’s no way I can name all the characters. The picture simply isn’t big enough, and I don’t wanna hurt my eyes. I already have poor vision.

    Also on a side note, I was very disappointed that Rocko was not included in the Nicktoons collection of Jazwares toys. I would have loved to have a little Rocko beanie plush sitting next to my computer.

  3. Dan Sills says:

    Alright, here goes…Going left-right, top-bottom.
    Rhino tourist from “I have no son,” Spunky, Heffer, Rocko, Filbert, the constipated cloud from the Christmas episode, Ralph Bighead, Ed Bighead, Bev Bighead, The Supreme Weenie?, Rocko’s giant mutated tooth from “Rinse and Spit,” Crappy Jack, Paula Hutchinson, The “Widow” Hutchinson, Peter, Cindy, Dad (Don’t remember if he had a first name), Virginia Wolfe, Dr. Phil, Captain Compost Heap, The pet psychiatrist from “Clean Lovin’,” Really Really Big Man, Gladys the hippo lady, Fruitcake Man and the Christmas elves, Earl, Crazy busdriver from “I see London, I see France,” Crazy Aunt Gretchen?, Peaches, Slippy the slug?, The Suck-o-Matic, Mr. and Mrs. Fathead, Gordon the foot, The Hopping…something…from “Sugar Frosted Frights,” Dr. Bendova, Chuck and Leon Chameleon, Mr. Smitty, Frank from “The Big Answer,” The cat and elephant driving instructors, the Wild Pig. Whew. Did I miss anyone? I feel like some of these minor characters might have had names I forgot about.

    • Joe Murray says:

      Pretty good Dan. Yeah, you missed a couple, but it may be from the quality of the rough. I think you need to name the elves. The one on the car is pretty important. But you get points for this!

  4. Andy says:

    All I know is the most important elf of all was Mitch–he was the last elf who could make it snow. Not even Mango could…

  5. Michael J says:

    To Brody, I emailed Jazwares about 2 months ago they said Rocko stuff is coming spring 2013! To Joe Murray, I know shout factory could not get the unedited episodes from Nick/Paramount but Im going to ask this anyway, will the complete series set be unedited?

  6. Ivan Jones says:

    This is such amazing news! Out on my birthday too. I’ll be placing an order for this one!

  7. Jared Martin says:

    This is so awesome except for the fact that I already have the first 3 seasons. Oh well, I will definitely double dip for this. I’ve been waiting for this day to come since I started a petition to get Rocko on DVD over 12 years ago ( Mr. Murray, any chance of Rocko coming to bluray and/or iTunes in complete seasons? Is there anyway we can convince you to start a Kickstarter campaign to relaunch Rocko? One more question, can I send you my complete series for an autograph?

  8. James B says:

    Will Season 4 have any/either of the bonus features that’ll appear in the Complete Series set? I have the first 3, so I don’t have much a need to buy the complete series. Great news, though, Joe! I know you’re definitely thrilled about this, and get to hold onto the thought that you ran your own animated series, and everybody loves it! You made this the best darn show it could possibly be!

  9. Raul says:

    Dr. Hutchison
    The Widow Hutchison (Big Question/Big Answer)
    Frank Hutchison (Colonel H.) (Big Question/Big Answer)
    Mitch Elf (Rocko’s Modern Christmas)
    Papa Elf (Rocko’s Modern Christmas)
    The unnamed little elf (Rocko’s Modern Christmas)
    Buddy Gecko (The Lounge Singer)
    Crappy Jack (Fish-N-Chumps)
    Dr. Katz (Clean Lovin’)
    Really Really Big Man
    Gladys the Hippo Lady
    The Fatheads
    Gordon the foot
    The Hopping Hessian (Sugar Frosted Frights (Though heard pretty much every other time Gordon appeared))
    Ed Bighead
    Bev Bighead
    Ralph Bighead
    Virginia Wolfe
    George Wolfe
    Peter Wolfe
    Cindy Wolfe
    Grandpa Wolfe
    Tour Guide (I See London, I see France)
    Turdy (Bye, Bye Birdie)
    Rocko’s Tooth (Rinse & Spit)
    The King of Wieners (RRBM) (Schnit-heads)
    Captain Compost Heap (Zanzibar)
    Crazy Aunt Gretchen
    Mr. Dupette
    The Wild Pig
    Fruit Cake Man (Rocko’s Modern Christmas)
    Mr. Smitty
    Chuck and Leon
    Phil the Plumber (Pipe Dreams)
    The Sad Crying Clown in an Iron Lung (Who Gives a Buck?)
    The Tour Guide (I Have No Son)
    The Constipated Cloud (Rocko’s Modern Christmas)
    Bloaty Tick and Squirmy Ringworm
    A crashing plane (which I’m assuming is either from Jet Scream or The Big Answer)
    and the driving school teacher, driving school instructor, and doctor. (All from Skid Marks)

    I believe I got them all!

  10. Nick Smith says:

    Main Characters: Rocko, Spunky, Heffer, Filburt, Ed & Bev Bighead.

    Secondary: Chameleon Bros. Chuck & Leon, Dr. Hutchison, Wolfe Family (George, Virginia, Peter, Cindy & Grandpa Myron), Really Really Big Man, Mr. Smitty, Mr. Dupette, Gladys the Hippo Lady, Earl Dog, Gordon, Wild Pig, Bloaty & Squirmy, Ralph Bighead, the Fatheads, Slippy the Slug

    Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic: Suck-O-Matic
    Jet Scream: busted airplane
    Who Gives a Buck: Sad Crying Clown in Iron Lung picture
    To Heck & Back/Heff in a Headbasket: Peaches
    Clean Lovin’: Dr. Katz & mop
    Skid Marks: Eye doctor, loud driving teacher, driving instructor
    Rinse & Spit: Rocko’s giant tooth (Jerry)
    I Have No Son: Rhino tour guide
    Lounge Singer: Buddy Gecko
    Pipe Dreams: Dr. Phil
    Rocko’s Modern Christmas (You Can’t Squeeze Cheer From a Cheese Log): Little Elf, Head Elf, Mitch, Fruitcake Man, weak snow cloud
    Bye, Bye, Birdie: Turdy
    Shnitheads: Mighty King of Wieners (really RRBM)
    Sugar Frosted Frights: Hopping Heshin, Crazy Aunt Grethen
    Fish N Dips: Crappy Jack
    I See London, I See France: Crazy Bus Driver & tousists, Eifil Tower Chokey/Chewy Chicken local
    The Big Question/The Big Answer: Widow Hutchison, Frank
    Zanzibar: Captain Compost Heap
    Teed Off: piano

  11. James T. says:

    Ey, where’s Flecko? I mean, HE oughta appear alongside Bloaty and Squirmy in the final project. But, I’ll settle for the Fourth Season set, since I already have the first three. Although, sometimes, when I see “I See London, I see France/The Fatlands” On Netflix, it’s really “Fish n Chumps/Camera Shy,” Also, it was vice versa. How much would it cost Nick to fix that on Netflix?

  12. Dan says:

    Ok, im peruvian so i tell you all the names in spanish version 😀
    form left to right

    1. Rinoceronte Guia de Hollowood- Yo no tengo hijo (i have no son)
    2. Spunky
    3. Heffer
    4. Rocko
    5. Filburt
    6. Capitan – episode when the 3 go fish
    7. El hombre Grande Grnade – big big man?
    8. Dr. – episode when Spunky hook up with a mop
    9. Cabeza Gordas (fatheads)
    10. Hipopotama and her phrase “Como te atreves”
    11. El pie “Gordon”
    12. Dr. cocodrilo & Elephant (rockos think he is the Fat man)
    13. Dra. Hutchinton
    14. Viuda Hutchinton
    15. All Heffer Family (Dad, virgina, brother, sisters, grandpa)
    16. Big Heads (Ed and Bev)
    17. Filburt Aunt “La loca tía Gretchel”
    18. Earl
    19. Duendes de “Rockos Modern xmas”
    20. Brothers Cahmelon “chunck y Leon”
    21. Dr. hutchinton Dad
    22. Mr Smithy
    23. PEaches… in spanish “Duraznito”
    24. Sucko o matic
    25. the garbage form recycle
    26. Sr Tupe… the one who have the finger in his nose
    27. This animal who have a tale and a liquid behind him
    28. The big tooth
    29. The pig, he always says “Soy un cerdo salvaje”
    30. the crazy driver who always said “number 9”

  13. Kevin Martinez says:


    I’m just a little bit confused. Are the first 200 people to order the set through Shout the only ones who will get this art piece, or the only ones who will get it signed?

    Shout’s site seems to be implying the latter.

  14. Kevin Martinez says:

    I’m sorry, I mean Shout seem to be implying the former in their press release, but you’re suggesting the latter.

  15. Matthew Poulin says:

    I was wondering when the 4th season of Rocko’s Modern Life will be released on dvd by itself and how much it will cost plus if it will include the Rocko Live Event like the complete series set does

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