July 30, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Story is About Conflict and Details

Not only in the sense that us filmmakers find it the toughest to sit down and put the story and film in our heads down on paper.

We would rather just draw.

But the fact is, the structure and progression of your acts is the plate that will hold your gags, characters, beautiful animation, cool backgrounds, etc, and turn them into a dish that you will think about after you’ve seen it.

To me, cool animation without a good story is more of a sample reel.

And what about the story. It is our human nature, the obstacles and conflicts that we relate to. We are hardwired for it. We laugh at it. Cry. Good story taps into our emotions. We follow the hero’s journey, or we watch Mr. Bean going to the dentist.

There is no story without conflict. Getting into it, enduring it, getting out of it ( or smacking up against the wall.) Maybe we will learn something from it.

Maybe not.

It’s also about details. The details that pull us into the world and wrap us up like a blanket.

Fish Head progresses. Life progresses.

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3 Responses to July 30, 2012

  1. Chris says:

    This looks great, Joe! What is the status of ‘Fish Head’ now anyway? Will it ever be available to purchase on say DVD or Blu-ray one day from your site or retail or will it just be a film festival style of movie?

    Also when will the ‘Frog in a suit’ comic be coming out and where will it be available for purchase? I would like to support your efforts as much as I can.

  2. Matt Stevanus says:

    Story is also ever changing. Just when you think you have the story nailed down exactly the way you want it, something in your life happens to inspire a new development, a new character comes into the picture or perhaps you have a dream or just brainstorm up some phenomenally fantastic tale and you scrap the entire thing and start a new. Sometimes, you’re even inspired by another story you see, a movie you watch, a comic you read and bam! It just all comes together.

    All of this has been happening to me lately. I’ve been planning a web comic series for my superhero character for months now and almost every day a new idea, a different angle or plot comes to me in one form or another and I have to plan it just right so that it makes sense in the grand scheme of things. Boy do I love story though! I love when these ideas spark and I hurry and find someone I trust to collaborate and brainstorm with me to finesse the idea further. My idol in storytelling would have to be ol’ “Smilin'” Stan Lee, the man who wrote my favorite comic series ever to be published, The Amazing Spider-Man. I’ve loved Spider-man since I was little but now I really appreciate the storyline that Lee was so enthusiastically creative with and what would his idea be without Steve Ditko to produce such elegant drawings to back that magnificent story?

    I can only hope my comic series is half as wonderful as The Amazing Spider-Man.

  3. CartoonFreak says:

    The Joe Murray, we know many of the same people and could probably share many war stories. I worked just after your time at the Nick Studios on Hey Arnold at Vineland and Ventura. Ah, the old days, gone is the Tennis center and has been replaced by a Ralph’s parking lot, so many memories. The site looks good and it looks like you’re doing well for yourself.

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