June 13, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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  1. Amanda T. says:

    Awesome pic Joe! By the way, are you planning on doing any more animated projects after Fish Head? I read in an earlier post that you said TV was no longer part of your world and I was curious if that meant you were retiring from TV animation alone or animation altogether. Either way Fish Head looks great and I wish you the best of luck with it!

  2. Matt Stevanus says:

    I love the mixture of cartoony and fine art that you have going with this project, it goes together very well and has a great composition. I had an interesting conversation with some fellow students yesterday that reminded me of this project. A few students commented that they see a rare passion in me for my characters and that I am one of the few people that follows through with my vision. It even came up that I am one of the few that is enthusiastic or ambitious enough to follow through, regardless of whether it gets published or not.

    It reminded me of your earlier journal, when you said some may not like this project but you do and you enjoy doing it. It made me think of how I feel about my characters and projects. I love doing them and genuinely enjoy the time spent on them. I can sit for hours, just finishing up on drawings, model sheets, etc of my characters and never get tired. It’s strange how this is my hobby and my career at the same time but that’s love for you.

    My question to you is how do you psych yourself up for a project you’re not that invested in? Can you get motivated or is it just a matter of grinning and bearing it, regardless of how much you love or don’t love a project?

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi Joe, Happy Father’s Day!

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