June 10, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Putting Some New Title Cards on the Block

Since here in America we don’t get subsidies to make independent animated films, us indie filmmakers must do what we can to keep the wheels turning. That means to shamelessly hawk collectibles on Ebay and in our stores.

So here are two keepers.  The original title cards used in the episodes “The Big Question” and “Ed Good, Rocko Bad”. Although these pic’s don’t show it, both are autographed by me. ( Even though the art was done by Nick Jennings and Tim Barnes.) There are not too many cards left that have Rocko on them ( if at all. Check them out. Bid them up. Proceeds go to finishing my indie film “Fish Head” Many thanks.


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2 Responses to June 10, 2012

  1. troll-ish says:

    I must admit that ed good Rocko bad is my favorite episode, and is quite appropriate for an election year. (of course it might have been better in 2008 when everyone was chanting “yes we can” and “O_ba_ma” no offense meant to any democrats) coincidentally I was born in 92, and so watched this at a young age and totally forgot about Rocko till last Christmas (at which point I watched ever single episode online free) and in my early teens at the latest(I think it was late pre-teens) animal farm became my favorite semi-fictional book so when I saw this episode I wonder if seeing this cartoon at such a young age influenced that subconsciously…….(scary thought because if so you may be partially responsible for the craziness in this generation XD)

    at anyrate I was quite pleased with he Orwell reference so thanks for that
    an anonymous reader

    ps. I suppose this would have been better asked for the commentary, but why are Rocko’s parents Kangaroos? after all he has that great grand uncle wallaby from the final episode and a baby sister wallaby too……

  2. Matt Stevanus says:

    You gotta do what you gotta do to make ends meet. I had to sell one of my firearms more recently to get enough to pay for school. It was a hunting rifle and I haven’t even touched it in years since I bought it way back when so I figured it was an easy sacrifice and worth it. I hope Fish Head is coming along for you and wish you the best of luck in realizing the vision Joe. I too am embarking on realizing my own vision and thinking of taking it to kickstarter if I get enough finished within the year. I’ve been building my resources for over a year so it may well be time soon.

    My question to you is how do I know what to do with it when the time comes? Do I take it to a film festival? Internet? Televison Network? A convention? How do I make it stick in the thoughts of those that I pitch it to and how do I protect my work if I traffic it heavily? As you know, this day in age makes it easier to get exposure but what type of media gets the most exposure?

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