March 19, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

RML Season 3 DVD!

On top of the first reveal of the Rocko’s Modern Life Season 3 DVD cover , distributed by Shout Factory, I’m asking for some input.

I’m doing a short Bonus Feature Expose’ on Season 3, ( I regard it as the best season out of the four) and I’m  highlighting certain scenes, episodes etc. to talk about and tell stories.

My question to you is…is there a burning question about an episode or scene in Season 3 you would love to know about? I’ll take it into consideration when deciding what to include.

The episodes for season 3 are:

Bye Bye Birdy,     Belch of Destiny,      The Emperors New Joe,     Schnitheads     Sugar Frosted Frights,       Ed is Dead,    Fish-n-Chumps ,   Camera Shy,                Nothing to Sneeze at,       Old Fogey Froggy,   Manic Mechanic, Rocko’s Happy Vermin,   I see London, I see France,  The Fatlands,   Fortune Cookie,    Dear John.   Speaking Terms Tooth and Nail,    Wacky Delly,    The Big Question,    The Big Answer,   An Elk for Heffer,   Scrubbin Down Under,    Zanzibar ( The Recycle Show)    Fatal Contraption.

Would love to hear from you.



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61 Responses to March 19, 2012

  1. Bobby says:

    Mr. Murray, if you could somehow add commentary to the DVD set, it would provide me with enough incentive to make an immediate purchase. I think I speak on behalf of many other fans. Thank you.

  2. jestoon says:

    this might be off topic, but,
    what was your role in season 4? were you still writing the shows?
    BTW I love the 3rd season. for some reason, the art was even stronger during the 2nd half of season 2, and the momentum really carried over. always a pleasure to look at! 🙂

  3. Lawrence Mushlit says:

    Hey Joe,

    I would love to know more about Wacky Delly. It’s one of my favorite episodes of all time! I would also like to more about Bye Bye Birdy that’s another one of my favorites. And did you enjoy acting in Wacky Delly as Ralph Bighead?

  4. Ryan says:

    Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever thought this far, but if you had had the chance how exactly would you have ended the show? Like, what would the series finale have been like? Would Rocko have maybe gone back to Austrailia? Maybe he FINALLY meet the girl of his dreams? Would Heffer start dieting? Lol, i don’t know. It always saddens me when shows/charcters end without a proper send-off…

    • Tommy says:

      I’m curious too about how you would have ended Rocko’s Modern Life given the chance, or would it have just been open-ended for a potential revival in the form of a movie or even another season/series? Oh and in one of your blogs, you mentioned Heffer being based on an old high school friend…did you know an Australian Friend or aquantaimce that influenced Rocko’s personality.

      Also, who came up with all the 4th wall jokes? I bet that was you.

      I wish I could be more imaginitive with my questions.

  5. Paul Smith says:

    The Season 3 shows were magnificent in that they covered every imaginable topic (and some unimaginable ones, too). How were the storylines dreamed up: Single person or teams? Late night giddiness or grinding over a hot desk all day? Sudden inspiration or continued polishing?

  6. david essman says:

    Is there a story behind the title of the recycling episode being Zanzibar?

  7. Ellie Coral says:

    I guess my questions for season three would pertain to “The Big Question”, “The Big Answer”, and “Zanzibar”.

    1. What led to the decision to have Filburt propose to Dr. Hutchinson? What initially drew the characters to each other? For that matter, was their relationship planned in advance, or was it an organic, “let’s see where this goes” kind of thing?
    2. Zanzibar: Why a musical? Was it something you guys had always wanted to do, or was it something the Network Powers That Be wanted? (Great work on that episode, by the way. I normally don’t care for musicals. Probably a result of being force fed Disney movies during my younger childhood.)

    A more general question I have is if the cast gave any input for the series. From what I heard, the voice actors got along famously with everyone, so I’m wondering if they got to make any decisions for their characters or the stories.

    (I don’t have seasons 1 or 2 yet–I know, shame on me–so apologies if these questions have been addressed in the previous volumes.)

  8. D Sills says:

    We we go, I brainstormed some questions:

    -Any episodes that were particularly challenging to work on? Particularly fun?

    -Any creative differences/debates amongst the crew? Any that were notably ridiculous a la Wacky Delly’s “Doorbell vs. telephone” debate?

    -How did the marriage/relationship between Filbert and Dr, Hutchinson come about? Was it planned early on?

    -It’s interesting that Filb and Hutch’s marriage becomes canon throughout the end of Rocko’s run. This might be more of a season 4 question, but was there more planned for the couple that didn’t make it in before the series ended?

    -Fans my age always seem to enjoy picking up on the innuendos that went over their heads as kids. I’m sure you don’t hear the end of it. I know Bigman’s nipples of the future in “Fortune Cookie” was controversial, are there any other anecdotes dealing with standards and practices worth sharing?

    -Perhaps any commentary on shifts in drawing/bg/animation style such as The Fatheads sequences, Wacky Delly, and the whole his-side-vs-my-side-of-the-story thing in Speaking Terms.

  9. Jesse Oliver says:

    QUESTION: In “Belch of Destiny” did the guy who voiced Heffer’s belching lines the same guy who did the belching for the Camp Lazlo episode “Burpless Bean”?

  10. Anna says:

    Innuendos! (it took me 10 years to get the joke of some board game they’re playing involving some paddles and a monkey…)

    Did a bazillion of them get thrown into the script just to see what could pass and what wouldn’t? Did someone sit in the corner writing them up going “the kids will never get this!” … anything like that?

  11. Loving the 3 season and all the episodes of Filburt and Dr. Hutchinson. Is nice to find a good story in a cartton. Ok.. too much bla bla bla, my question is:
    Where do you get the idea of turtles dont mess with cats? 🙂

  12. Andrew McClure says:

    Hi Joe

    I Love the third season of Rocko’s Modern Life, especially, my all time favorite episode “Dear John”. I’d like to hear any backstories behind the making of this episode. To this very day, I still bring this episode up in conversations involving bathrooms.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Great cover! Wish Dr. Hutchinson was on it too though.

  14. Kyle Wilkinson says:

    I would love to have some commentary as well and two of my questions are, “Where did the idea for Bloaty and Squirmy come from? and Sugar Frosted Frights is one of my favorites being that it’s about Halloween and love Halloween shows “Was the idea of Ed Is Dead” from the movie Rear Window?”

  15. ILDC says:

    A question about Season 3: why is it your favorite, exactly? A question about the show in general: were the Rocko characters really going to cameo in the SpongeBob, and if so, were you involved?

    Can you say when the DVD is coming out?

  16. James says:

    1. I notice that some of the episodes in Season 3 (including the season 2 episode “Frog’s Best Friend”, and later season 4 episodes) either have Rocko in it briefly or not at all. Despite the other characters being funny to watch too, why is it that Rocko wasn’t featured in those episodes, seeing that it is technically his show?

    2. Is Mr. Bighead’s behavior in “Old Fogey Froggy” based on someone in particular?

    3. Is the Nosey character from “Speaking Terms” based on then-talk show host Sally Jesse Raphael?

    4. What was it like to film that live-action scene in “Wacky Delly?”

    5. In “Fatal Contraption,” why did none of the characters talk at all in the episode? It’s a good episode, but why was that choice made?

  17. Jason says:

    I’d love to hear about your inspirations for Wacky Delly, which is my favorite episode of the series. And while it isn’t Season 3 related, I too would like to know more about the Rocko/Spongebob crossover that was allegedly supposed to happen. How would that have worked?

    • Joe Murray says:

      I never knew anything about a Spongebob Rocko crossover. There were a huge amount of Rocko people working on the first few seasons of Spongebob, but I never heard anything like that.

  18. Brizzy says:

    Quite simply, I have heard “Wacky Delly”(my ALL TIME FAVORITE Episode) was actually art imitating life…I have heard this among creepy pastas and such, I am very curious to know if it was a rebellion showed in jest and sardonic humor…i.e. Were you guys parodying the protests against Rocko’s Modern Life? Always wanted to squash that curiosity.

  19. Laura says:

    I would love to hear more about Wacky Delly!

  20. Mario500 says:


    I have always wondered about the live-action footage of dark clouds in “Camera Sky” for the video shown at the Chameleon Bros. Cafe. Where was it taken and what was its purpose? Thank you for considering this question and many others.

  21. Evan says:

    Who came up with the fortune in the cookie? Bad Luck and Extreme Misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity is a phrase that has never left me. Every time I look at a fortune cookie I wish that would come out of it!

  22. Jonny Modlin says:

    When will Rocko’s Modern Life Season 3 be released on DVD? I would like a bonus feature to have deleted scenes. When will Rocko’s Modern Life Season 4 be released on DVD?

    • Joe Murray says:

      For season 3, Shout Factory would like to hold off on that announcement. They will probably announce the date in early to mid April. It should’nt be too long though. The cover is already done, and I’m working on bonus features.

  23. Jonny Modlin says:

    When will Rocko’s Modern Life Season 4 be released on DVD? Will Rocko’s Modern Life Season 4 get released on DVD in Fall 2012 or Winter 2012

  24. Bern says:

    For Bonus Features I would like to see:
    1. Voice Cast Interviews
    2. Commentaries
    3. Deleted Scenes
    4. Behind-the-Scenes
    Hopefully we get some great Bonus Features. THANKS!!! Mr. Murray for being involved on Rocko’s DVD release. I think the creators of CatDog, Wild Thornberrys, Hey Arnold, etc. should be involved on their shows DVD releases and giving us fans bonus features just like Joe Murray is doing with Rocko’s Modern Life.

  25. Jonny Modlin says:

    When is Rocko’s Modern Life Season 4 getting released on DVD?

  26. Stephen S Roberts says:

    Will the dvd’s be available in the UK?

  27. Liddy St. John says:

    I’m curious about the origins of the idea for Zanzibar. When I saw it as a kid, I wondered if it was just some sort of tie-in with Nickelodeon initiatives like “The Big Help”.

    Also, with the Bigheads… what’s the deal with the plate smashing? Not that I don’t love it, of course!

  28. Amanda T. says:

    Hey Joe,
    I’m glad to hear Season 3 is about to come out. So many great episodes! Wacky Delly, Fish and Chumps, and Camera Shy are some of my all time favorites.
    As far as bonus features go, I would love it if you could include some interviews with the voice cast and some of the writers. I know that you might not have time to get interviews for Season 3 but perhaps you would consider doing it for Season 4. I’m sure the cast and crew have some cool stories they could share!

  29. Dave Chin says:

    Wacky Delly is SUCH a crazy episode, that there has to be “missing” content. How much content did you want to include in this episode that you couldn’t for one reason or another?

  30. In addition to “Wacky Delly”, I’m curious about “Fatal Contraption”. What motivated you to do a non-dialogue episode?

  31. Raphael says:

    I See London, I See France I think has the best comedic timing of any cartoon I have ever seen. I’d like to know more about the origin of the story – did you or another writer have an awful “sanitized tour” in France? Any other tidbits about that episode?

  32. Joe H says:

    I just want to say that it is great that Rocko is on DVD. I found it to be one the 10 best cartoon shows. Im also glad that you will be working on the future sets. It was a great show, and stands the test of time………Thank you for giving us “Rocko’s Modern Life”

  33. Where did the idea for having cats and turtles being natural enemies come from?

  34. JD Cowan says:

    Sorry for the late question, I haven’t been online much.

    This one is about Fish-n-Chumps, I like the whole “hunter becomes the hunted” plot, but those gags surrounding them were hilarious. My question is that how many ideas did you guys have that were not put in the final episode? There must have been a ton of them. (I’m actually surprised Spunky wasn’t with them and the cause of a lot of it)

    Also, “Crappy Jack”… How did you get away with that one?

    Finally, was any of his dialogue ad-lib?

  35. @SirHannaBarbera says:

    Please do some commentary or something special for the episode of Sugar Frosted Frights. It was the best episode of the bunch for me anyway and I been wanting to have the episode on dvd ever since dvd was invented!

  36. markell mitchell says:

    hello .

    i like to answer this whimsical
    question .do you see your art as if they were like your own offspring,your incarnations,or your “other children”?just curious

  37. David Howard says:

    I would love to know more about “Wacky Delly” and the details of your self-reference with parallels and allegory.

  38. Derrick says:

    Thanks Joe for creating one of my favorite, if not THE favorite cartoon I watched growing up on TV. It’s forever engrained in my mind, enough for me to buy both first two seasons of your show, and now this one, which is also my favorite season!

    If it’s not too late, I just wanted to echo that I would LOVE to hear more about Wacky Delly, my favorite episode. A commentary (which it seems like you may do) would be the best! But if you have any other footage of this, or other episodes, do share! Maybe an extended animated sequence of the actual Wacky Delly cartoon itself, with MORE meatloaf, and The Cheese (since he is the best character on the show)! Hahahahaha! Thanks for everything! Can’t wait!

  39. jestoon says:

    I would love to see some storyboard images, as well as animatics for some episodes (i remember you posting some pics of the “Fish and Chumps” storyboard here a few years ago) thanks for having the fans involved 🙂

  40. Matt says:

    This may be a little late, but since nobody asked about my personal all-time favorite episode, Fortune Cookie, I guess I will. How did you come up with the actual fortune? Was it just a random thought, or did you get a “bad fortune” ordering take out one night and get inspiration? Of all the shows I watched in my youth, Rocko remains to be my favorite, but my all-time favorite quote is Filbert’s fortune. If it’s one character that could’ve survived a spin-off it’s definitely Filbert.

    Whenever I randomly say “Saauuucceee….”, people look at me like I’m an idiot.

  41. Joe H says:

    Thank you for giving us Rocko, and I am glade that you are able to be a part of the DVD season.

  42. Adam Paloian says:

    I can’t wait to hear the commentary! It’s always my favorite bonus on DVDs. The trivia and stories that go on behind the scenes reveal the great personalities of all the workers on the show. The stories you told me still make me laugh.

    I’m really excited to buy this and add it to the collection. Also, the cover looks awesome; I really like the dry brush technique you’ve been using for your traditional work.

  43. Albert Welch (@AlbertWelch2) says:

    Hello Mr. Murray, first of all I love your work and wanted to thank you for making great characters and stories.

    1-It would be nice if you could get the entire cast from the show or some of them to talk about their experience in it.

    2-Can you show some of your early sketches for the characters or stories of who they were made as they are.

    Also I want to comment something, I see myself as “Ralph Bighead”, and do you see yourself in him? I like how he ends up living his dream as a cartoonist. I love that episode because it shows us to live our dreams and keep on working hard to make them a reality.

    Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!

  44. Cube says:

    Why is rocko so worried about being naked when he dont wear pants 00% of the time?

  45. Cube says:

    I have the rocko video game and they played it on this game informer show not that long ago.

    fast foward about 30 minutes its after the home imporvment game.

    it was a good game great animation on the super nintendo hardware.

    IT will never be brought back like the DVDs though I would love to hear some commentary on the game though.

    the game informer staff often have guess that made the game they are playing and they play the game with them and make comments. I have no idea if you had anything to do with the game or not though but if you contacted them and want to offer commentary I am sure they would love to do it.

    that might be the only way to ever get any commentary on the game.

  46. Cube says:

    The game informer staff like gush tears of joy talking about rocko while playing the rocko video game by the way then again just about everybody does.

  47. Jonny Modlikn says:

    Hi Joe,
    Contact Shout! Factory and ask them to release Rocko’s Modern Life Season 4 on DVD this year by the year end of 2012 with final 13 episodes and more bonus features. Please produce Rocko’s Modern Life Season 4 on DVD with final 13 episodes and more bonus features. Will Rocko’s Modern Life Season 4 be released on DVD by this year’s end of 2012?

  48. Julie Ann says:

    is season 4 only going to be available on the complete set? I already bought seasons 1-3 separate and only need season 4 ;-/ disappointing.

  49. Clifford Cooper says:

    Hi joe,

    How are ya mate? just wondering the same as Julie above me.. is season 4 going to be sold separately aswell.. due to as soon as I saw season 1-3 at a store in austrlia.. I was like BUY NOW.. lol(which I found them last week).. Since then I have watched all 3 seasons.. and my son and daughter watch them with me.. they are 7 and 3. and they are always asking is there more coming.. so really you guys did a great job on all the seasons which I watched on nickeloden and channel 2. (ABC).. on Australian TV. hoping to get the final season if it comes out separately.. but my kids really enjoyed watching the seasons.. hope to see more of your work for as long as you plan to keep your weird ideas out there.. P.S my mum watches the show on nickelodeon aswell when its on.. btw.. im 27 yrs old.

    I have watched some of the camp Lazlo and noticed the similarities from rocko to camp Lazlo.. but my kids love futurama, simpsons.. and rockos modern life.. (rockos comes first..)

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