“Art is the proper task of life. To fully engage in life as art, the artist loses him or herself in the ongoing process of creation”                          - Friedrich Nietzsche

Racing to the End? Or Enjoying the Process?

Sometimes I think that my independent film work is the yin to the yang of television work. It’s polar opposite. Television work races to the finish. It’s all about the volume. It has it’s own fun in working as a team to put out the best possible with the canvas you are presented to work with.

But I often feel that my independent work is too much “in the moment”. I enjoy it so much that I have little interest in finishing it. That’s not good, since sharing it is part of the art of animation. The audience experiencing it ( whether good or bad) is part of the art. Of course if you love something, you will make the time to work on it as much as possible ( unless it’s time to earn some money for food), so eventually it will be finished. But someone asked me last week ” Why don’t you hire or ask some people to help?” I replied “What’s the fun in that?”  But I most likely will when I am closer to the finish of it. I’m a good ways through “Fish Head”, and it brings me tremendous joy working on it. I am definitely in the zone, or the “flow” when I’m working on it.

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